Im forever behind time when i blog about my kids’ milestone. that’s life of a working mum with 2 kids – things don’t exactly go the way you plan it!

at 7 months, my little munchkin amazes me all the time.

some days, he looks like he has lost some weight.. other days, he looks like a big blob of fats and you can’t even see his neck. heh.

eating some tissues here

he’s been up to some serious development the past month, or haven’t i been looking? he can hoist himself up easily now before i could even count 2, and he kinda aced his motor skills. he moves about a lot! he climbs, he sits unsupported, he stands with support on his own and he can walk a few steps with support (one hand no less!) and is pretty mobile. he is never in the same spot at the place we leave him anymore.

he’s into some serious business of mouthing everything in sight, and is now a proud owner of 4.5 teeth! the massive drool has also started dripping all over the house. The top 2 teeth has cut their way through his gums the past month and just yesterday, i spotted another tiny one appearing at the bottom right. he sure gets a lot of teeth as his age! I haven’t had much success trying to take pictures of his teeth, so no pictures. just try imagining, like.. his top teeth are kinda big. heh.

food wise, he is eating a whole lot more things. mummy has been (kinda) diligent in prepping his meals. so far, he has had sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, broccoli, and cereal. am going to try introducing more variety in his diet. according to my pd, if you want a kid that isnt a fussy eater, try to introduce as many variety as possible when the baby is younger. I’m blessed with a jerry that eats everything (and is super game on trying spicy food as well) so i am really thankful. BUT, u really gotta feed everything thing possible and expose them to the variety and taste. it gets harder as they get older.

i prep the purees every weekend and freeze them into cubes for my mum to feed during the week. she defrost the cubes and heat them up with a little ebm mixed into it. jerome loves eating!

and on sleep. i kinda miss sleeping peacefully! he’s still waking up several times a night. sometimes, he is hungry. other times, he just need some soothing and patting and he heads back to sleep. i hope it gets better soon. i want at least 5 hrs stretch of sleep! (that’s also because i have been pampered by jerry who sleeps through the night at 4.5 months!).

he is still the cheery, smiley baby that chortles with laughter all the time, but he somehow seems a little more needy. he needs to have someone within his sight, else he will scream and break down into big fat tears in 0 seconds. sigh! he ‘talks’ a lot, makes a hell lot of noise and is a loud kid. I’m pretty sure he’ll start talking before jerry does.

know what’s the interesting thing? he LOVES daddy! his face instantly lights up and breaks into a smile every.single.time he comes home. i’m a little jealous i dont get the same attention or delightful smile. he does seemed happy seeing me, but seeing daddy.. the reaction gets a few notches bigger/higher!

dancing with daddy on his thigh on one of those days when we were about to head out.

my little panda. he’s so adorable!

my mum watches the tv daily (almost 24/7) and i have come to realise that my son is becoming a tv addict. he stares at the tv non stop when its on! ugh. I know. tv not good for kids below 2 and will hinder their development right? But i can’t really stop my mum and some battles are just not worth fighting. i used to feel totally angsty all the time with Jerry, but i have come to realise that you’ll be more thankful for that extra pair of hands for help.

jerome also adores his elder brother! he is always drawn to the older boy and clambers close to him to share/partake whatever he is doing. unfortunately, the older boy may not share the same sentiments and often turn jerome away. I am still working on this but i guess jerry isnt at the age when he would share freely too so it’ll takes time. i’m cool with that. (at least jerry always say “hello didi!” “bye bye didi!” “good night didi!” in the appropriate timings and saiyang him at times, or when the baby cries)

I guess he is topping all the development charts in all areas even though i am not actively tracking them at all. You know, with number 2, everything this more relax… (and its true!). i am just glad that he is growing well and happy and i’m happy! ok. maybe better if he starts sleeping through the night too!

i don’t have the official stats for the month because he is only due for his check up and jab this tomorrow so i’ll update again when i have them, just for recording sake. that’s all i have for now! ending this post with more pictures of the kiddo.

i reckon he had fun exploring himself in the mirror!

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