Today, in the midst of being a buzzing bee at work. I saw an email popped in titled “Chinese New Year” by my uncle.

The family will be popping in from different parts of the world to celebrate this occasion as usual, so I wondered what the email is about. As I glanced through the details… I held my breath and read the following message. Some parts were truncated (likely because it was coded in chinese), but here’s what I could read.

I really like you to tell me to go home date.

Because I can not eat something too salty.

So no need to bring too much smoked salmon


My grandpa sending an email to my uncle in halting english, asking about the dates that they will be home. Awwww..

My family was cc-ed in my uncle’s reply so I saw the email too. It just made my day. Knowing that my century old grandpa uses an ipad and types email! So so cool! Makes me want to rush to him now and spend some time with him. Was just telling my colleague today that I will be making a trip to Malaysia to have a reunion lunch with him before rushing back to Singapore to have it with my in-laws side of the family. Now I can’t wait for next week to be here.

This is what we took last year. Got to take a nicer one this year. The kids look so different in this picture!

The Choo Family with Grandpa.

The Choo Family with Grandpa.

Now, I am going to send my grandpa a surprise email to surprise him! I never knew he had an email account! Quite cool to be emailing a century old man, eh?! Bye!

Oh, by the way… if you haven’t been speaking to your loved ones often enough, please do. And please do get to know your family members better this Chinese New Year! This StarHub CNY advertisement cracks me up every time I see it. So hilarious.

/edit. Here’s the email I sent him earlier. It took me close to 30 mins to draft that because my Chinese is horribly good. Don’t laugh! Sigh. I need to go back to primary school.

/edit 11 Feb 2015, 10.05pm Because his reply stings my eyes. And seeing the email reply in my inbox made me squeal inside.