sometimes, i look at my kids and think that their childhood are a lot more complicated – clouded with loads of toys & gadgets (ipads, computer, tvs etc).

i remembered growing up with very little toys and most of the time, i was exercising my imagination with existing furniture playing pretend all the time. i remembered using the bamboo sticks that my mum used to hang our clothes as some super long sword in a fight.. haha! those were the days.

i recently found a packet of old school bubble while packing my room. I think der bought them a couple of years back (pre-kids) while we were in arab street one day. thought it was a good chance to introduce some non-gadget, non-commercial toys to Jerry so i took them out to play.

jerry with a bubble
(yes, it was the days post his chin surgery which i have yet found the time to blog about)

I had a lot of fun blowing the bubbles and stopping him from touching them before they were ready! He’s pretty fascinated and had me blow like a thousand bubbles for him non-stop. i taught him to handle it with care and with soft touch to prevent it from bursting. We bounced the bubbles on our hands, passed them around and jerry even burst into tears when jerome accidentally grabbed at one of the bubbles and immediately burst it. Even daddy got involved in the play and everyone had fun.

really nice old-school bubble fun. it really provided a lot of entertainment and i am wondering where i can get these again. it kinda made me relive my childhood too.