Finally, my boy knocks out in bed and I can have some free time to myself for a while before the husband comes home and the next window for expressing breastmilk/washing of bottles rolls along. I am beginning to think I am so not suited for motherhood and I think I lack maternal instincts!

I am soooo tired that I am grateful for any moment that the baby is taken off my hands. But I feel terribly guilty for feeling that way afterwards. how do you mothers do it? I feel like I have nothing else left in me and no energy to go on. The only times that I find myself happier is when I head out.

And oh. I keep having dizzy spells lately. Wonder if it’s because my sugar level is low. It happens on the days where I didn’t have much to eat or when I don’t have much appetite.

Anyhow, this post is about food. Heh. Just food shots taken over the past few weeks.

Home-made sandwiches. I have been having a lot of these lately because it’s so simple and fast to whip up. My mum is also drained by the kiddo so she is too tired to cook as well. Just throw the bread with a slice of cheese in the toaster over, pan fry a piece of ham and an egg, layer the bread with lettuce and tomatoes and loads of mayonnaise and it’s ready to eat. Quick, yummy and filling.

We were in medi-ya the other day and I saw this packet of squid ink spaghetti that cost a friggin’ $12! Well well well. The sucker me threw in into my shopping basket anyway cos I was quite curious to try it.

We mixed it with some regular spaghetti that we still have left over.

Here’s the tomato base sauce with loads of mushroom and bacon in it.

Sprinkle loads of mozzarella cheese and pour the hot pasta sauce over.

It’s yummy! The squid ink pasta didn’t have any strong taste though. It just had a really really mild taste and I gobbled up like e huge bowls. My brother was appalled at my appetite because I ate more than he did.

Another of those sandwich on a random day with a sunny side up.

Seafood soup served with martell and vinegar (think sharks fin soup without the shark fin). Slurp! and a small side of fries as my carbo.

What’s your favorite fruit? Mangosteen is one of mine, but it is so hard to find and not always in season. Well, it is now! Really missed the times where my grandparents plantations were still thriving. I could have as much of these as I wanted. Now, it’s so expensive to buy these things!

Mos burger wagyu beef burger. DISAPPOINTING, give me the Yakiniku rice burger any time!

Feel like have a nice Sunday brunch this weekend. I need to go out!! Rahh!

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