my team had a long overdue team lunch last friday for the june babies. and an unexpected farewell lunch for beverly who left the team rather abruptly.

lunch was at rokeby! we always try to go to a different restaurant each time and it was my first time here (though i have been to fat cat which is along the same stretch).

The restaurant had a simple, casual decor that was very easy to feel relaxed in. our team of 12 had a small little room to ourselves and we were joking that it felt like a birthday party in mcd (like the olden days).

the team! there was a reorg lately in the office and my team has expanded quite a bit.

L to R: sharon, xueli, lorraine, eyleen

L to R: nick (wu), xiuhui, jena, beverly

L to R: lydia, yen sin, nick (toh) and me!

we definitely made quite a ruckus in the restaurant and thankfully, we had a door to our room and i hope we didnt spoil the dining experience for others. it was a laughter-filled lunch over silly things and people and i really enjoyed myself though i was also madly typing emails on my mobile through some parts of it.

here’s the food!

vegemite glazed chicken. this was quite interesting but i didnt find it exceptionally memorable. it’s nice but i’m not really a vegemite kinda person.

my white wine vongole pasta. it’s a little bland for me and i didnt really taste much of the white wine but the clams were fresh and i enjoyed them thoroughly.

moo’s burger. i didnt taste this so i really can’t comment but i stole a couple of the shoestring fries and it tasted pretty good.

freo’s fish ‘n’ chips. i never try this but my colleague said it was good (and that its was her 2nd time eating it)

prawn risotto. this is yum-meh! i stole spoonfuls of it off my boss’ plate and while i’m normally not a risotto person, i think i will come back and eat this on my next visit.

spaghetti carbona. i had wanted to order this initially but promptly changed my order when my colleague (seated beside me) ordered it. i always go for variety! while the egg yolk came broken (disappointing at first glance), it was rich and decadent. would recommend this if you like creamy pasta.

nutella waffles! This is gooooooood! I was the last to eat this (busy typing emails, i told ya) but it was still crispy on the outside and soft inside despite it being left on the table for a long while. We asked for extra servings of nutella and was given with no charge or whatsoever. great service there!


fresh avocado smoothie

we rounded up the meal with coffees and fresh avocado smoothie for me. Happy tummies for everyone. i like team lunches, because the company is good. gonna enjoy it for the next 2 months since i’ll be leaving the team soon.

mandatory team shot (we don’t usually do this but since bev is leaving….. *sob*)

beverly and our boss

We had a really cute waiter that served us with smiles throughout the entire meal and was quite funny to talk to. we all agreed that he is a jovial-cheerful-sorta-cute guy.

and we had to ambush beverly and make them take a picture together. it was a dare, but bev very gamely went to ask the guy out for a picture! heh.

Good fun times. I will miss everyone when i leave the team. that, i am very very sure.

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Singapore 358987
call 91060437 for reservations