my blog title says it all. Blind Detective Gala Premiere

but here’s my story of how i accidentally met 2 of my favourite HK idols – andy lau & sammi cheng. because the clueless me don’t even know that they are in singapore.

wednesday morning. i reached work and saw an email from a colleague that she has 2 pairs of gala premiere ticket to be given away for blind detective. i made a quick call to the husband (who is working in msia) to ask if he could make it back early today (we had wanted to catch the movie after watching the trailer) and he could. and yup, i snagged a pair of movie tickets from my colleague (thanks XL!).

and so, fast forward to evening, the husband came to fetch me at work and we headed to vivo for dinner. while waiting for our food, i checked my instagram feed and realised that my SIL posted andy lau on her IG. OMG! i got really excited and asked if he was in SG, and told the husband that OMG, am i going to meet him?

and yeah, you already know the answer.

never have been so excited attending a gala premiere of a movie

and well, i got even MORE EXCITED when i entered because i realised my tickets were 4 rows from the stage!!! soooo close!!

me is fan girl. i couldnt sit still in the entire duration while waiting for the 2 of them to appear. i have seen sammi cheng at her concert before, but andy, my all-time favourite guy… i was gushing to the hubs that i am going to run up to him and plant a kiss on his cheeks and tell him NOT TO HOLD ME BACK. lol. not exactly good marriage maintenance here but i’m sure the husband can understand. he too, was in awe when andy appeared.

so i just got my camera out (sony rx 100) to standby, and started screaming and snapped away, non stop when the mega stars appeared. feel like a teenager all over again. haha! and here’s a bunch of pictures that i’m sharing with all of you. You’re welcome.

and guess what, my husband sure knows a way to my heart. while i was busy gushing over andy, snapping pictures non stop and hearing what he has to say… my husband quietly took a video of the entire appearance on his mobile phone! wah. me so impressed and super love him for that! (yes, i can be shallow at times too, haha!)

so yeah, i am sharing it with all of you too! Enjoy!


errm, i have no idea why the video is not appearing. will fix it later when im back but anyhow, here’s the link to view it.