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Happy Jerome.

I realize that I don’t talk much about my second son, Jerome on the blog these days, and I even somewhat stop documenting his milestones so this post is mostly dedicated to him. I know, I’m guilty as charged, but part of the reason is mainly because he don’t talk that much (yet), and part of the reason is because my dear Jerry sticks to me like superglue, leaving me with minimal interaction time with this kid, especially since he is a really good boy and goes down for his bed time or naps with no fuss, all the time.

Like this.

Jerome choo on a milk coma

Jerome on a milk coma

Or this.

Or even better yet.. this.

Jerome drifts off for his nap when I took a minute to go to the loo.

Jerome drifts off for his nap when I took a minute to go to the loo.

I love this kid. He is like a godsend. He naps so well, eats well, plays by himself a lot and is generally a happy baby most of the time. He only cries in moments of pain, or when he is being locked in a baby chair or in a play pen and wants to get out. and oh, when he is being scolded for something that he has done too.

But he throws me life’s surprises all the time. Like when he attempted to scale mt. playroom-cupboard and ransacked the entire playroom with his partner-in-crime… (and pulls out loads of wet wipes in the process)

The J brothers ransacking the entire playroom

The J brothers ransacking the entire playroom

Or when he secretly put all the crayons into his mouth and chews them into bits when I was busy taking pictures and chatting with a friend.

Jerome choo fiddling with crayons and eventually chewing them

Fiddling with crayons and eventually chewing them

Or when he stares at the freedom beyond those gates and wonders how to get himself out.

Jerome wondering how to escape..

Jerome wondering how to escape…

And plonks himself in a box in front of the tv and watches his favourite cartoon.

Jerome watches his favourite cartoon while chilling in a box.

Jerome watches his favourite cartoon while chilling in a box.

He loves exploring his surroundings, always running about the moment his toes touches the ground, touches everything in sight and running away in laughter thereafter.. And find joy in the smallest things. Like ripping all the books off from the shelves in the library…

Jerome choo ripping off the books from the library shelves

Ripping off the books from the library shelves

…and chewing every single toy in sight, with gusto.

Jerome choo chewing his brother's McQueen toy car

chewing his brother’s McQueen toy car

The husband adores him so much (yes, he is biased) mainly because he is so easy and fuss-free to care for. He is such a happy and laughter-filled baby that it is a joy to watch him. And we often do! Just sit back and watch him go around the house and do his thang. He will always incite some laughter in us.

Jerome choo playing all alone by himself.

Playing quietly all by himself.

We believe, this happy baby is a result of him being comfortable – comfortable being around people, comfortable being in foreign environments, comfortable being in his clothes (thanks to Fox Kids & Baby & Pumpkin Patch), and most importantly, comfortable being in his diapers.

Jerome is the baby that doesn’t quite come with the set of issues the most parents often fret about – babies in uncomfortable diapers and the constant battle against diaper rash. I don’t know of any kids that can fall asleep by themselves in a high chair, all the time! He doesn’t even fuss, he just drops off to slumberland just like that. Surely he must be way too comfortable?

Jerome asleep on the high chair, again!

Jerome asleep on the high chair, again!

Granted, i guess as second time parents, we know it better too. How to handle the baby, how to make them comfortable and of cos, choosing the best diapering solution!

A happy baby bum = happy baby = happy parents. 

Happy Jerome with Drypers

Happy Jerome!

We first started Drypers on Jerry about a year back and haven’t looked back since! There are so many things I love about it – affordability, quality, comfort and mostly, being able to hold in all the pee and poo without leaking. It mostly leaves us with a happy baby and happy parents with more time to interact with the kids.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I used to think the cheaper diapers can’t be much. I had had a few bad experiences with the more affordable diapers during the times when Jerry was a baby and kind of swear them off forever. I know right. I have to swallow my words now.

I am happy to report that the Drypers quality is so much better now. I love brands that constantly improve their products and as I remember it before, it is now a far cry from what it used to be. Even the Chief of Diaper Purchasing (the husband) agrees with me.

Diaper corner in the playroom

Diaper corner in the playroom

Here’s my diaper corner in the playroom and guess what brand my chief of diaper purchasing buys? The Drypantz shown in the picture is NOT SPONSORED hor! If you look closely, there is also 2 pieces of the old drypantz design left in the stack of pull up pants. I usually do a first-in-first-out policy for all consumables but I wanted to show you all the new design – because its an improved version.

I recently also noticed that Drypers changed their packaging! It’s now looking a lot more pleasing with really nice lifestyle looking shots of babies.

Drypers has brand new packaging!

New Drypers packaging!

Ever since we switched to Drypers, I have noticed that the kids hardly get diaper rash, and the diaper don’t leak even when the kids have been wearing the diapers for a long period of time, which probably is an indication of really good absorbency. Drypers have this Active Absorb Layer™, which effectively absorbs and distributes urine to keep baby’s skin dry and comfortable. I have never seen Jerome fuss about his diapers so I do believe he is totally comfortable in them!

Love the Flexi-Tape on the Drypers Wee Wee Dry!

Love the Flexi-Tape on the Drypers Wee Wee Dry!

My favourite thing about Wee Wee Dry is the Flexi-tape design, I can keep taking out and putting back non stop and it still sticks. It doesn’t have the sticky tape material where it might potentially stick onto my baby’s skin. It’s somewhat like a really really fine velcro of some sort that doesn’t feel at all rough to the touch, which means, no discomfort for the baby and a breeze for mummy here who is changing the diapers.

The diaper is also very soft to the touch, and I would imagine it really comfortable to wear. It does also feel lighter to the skin, a little more cloth-like as compared to plasticky material. It is so soft, it doesn’t prick me at all when I carry my diaper-clad baby. The comfort is almost comparable to wearing cloth diapers. The breathable soft cloth-like cover also keeps baby’s skin cool and dry.

The sides of the diaper where it doesn’t leave red, angry marks on baby.

Well-fitted diapers that don't pinch baby's waist

Well-fitted diapers that don’t pinch baby’s waist

The diapers also well fitted, they do not pinch on baby’s waist. The elastic band around the thighs is also very soft to the touch and allows freedom of movement. When I remove the diapers from the kids, they do not spot read marks of the elastic bands being too tight, which is really good news for parents. The kids also can move around easily, without them showing any discomfort, and it moulds into their butts because its so soft, causing it be to more snug as well.

Happy Jerome in his Drypers Wee Wee Dry diaper.

Happy Jerome in his Drypers Wee Wee Dry diaper.

I love seeing my kids being happy in their diapers. In the past before the big switch a year ago, I remembered that there were days where Jerry constantly came to me and said his pants is uncomfortable (he meant his diaper) and we have to keep adjusting it or that we often find him removing the diapers because it’s painful and irritating him. I don’t have this issue now and I love how a small difference (in a product) goes a long way for us parents, helping us magnify the little moments of magic from our kids.

This, to me.. is magical!

Happy kids spend more time playing!

Happy kids spend more time playing!

Am sure you mummies (or daddies) know what I talking about. We rather spend the time having fun and playing the kids than to fuss over their sore bums and constantly being worried about how painful it is for the kids.

I really do believe in the product and I say this with my heart. They are by far the most value-for-money diapers that I have used. Jerome sometimes wears his diapers to bed and wakes up in them 12 hours later and it doesn’t leak, and no diaper rash. What more can I ask for?

Happy baby with Drypers!

Happy baby with Drypers!

So now I challenge you.

To make the change to ultimate comfort. Make the change to the newly improved Drypers. They are really quite worth it. #iswear.

I give you another reason to try. I have a super great deal for you, my loyal readers!

With every purchase of 2 packs of regular Drypers Wee Wee Dry or Drypers Drypantz (not the mini packs!) in Jun 2014, you will receive a $10 FairPrice voucher. Simply email your proof of purchase, personal details (name, address, contact number, child’s name and date of birth) to sg.contest@sca.com with the subject title “Cherieladie”.

Now, excuse me. I got to go clear out the diapers shelves to earn myself some extra grocery money.

P.s. You can request for free samples to try too!

P.p.s. If you bought the diapers and really, really don’t like it, you can always donate them to me. Thank you very much. (Yes, I really love them!). But I don’t think anyone will. You’ll love them, I promise!

Disclaimer: This is a series of sponsored posts with Drypers Singapore and I received 4 packets of Drypers Wee Wee Dry diapers for review purposes. I didn’t need to review them again since I use them daily but am happy to save some diaper moolah anyway. All thoughts and opinions (and that super smiley baby) are of my own.