Here’s the fact – I lost 4kg in a month with Absolute Slimming. I still eat 3 meals a day, drank alcohol on some occasions and gave up only 2hrs per week for the non-invasive slimming programme.

My weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming..

My weight loss journey with Absolute Slimming..

This blog post is like a big reveal of mine – of a secret (bulge) that I have kept hidden for many years of my life… and honestly, I know some of you are going to go away reading this blog post thinking “NO WAY!” but, if not for the fact that I managed to get it smaller… trust me, I wouldn’t want it out in the open too.

So, I have always struggled with a tum tum. I hear a few “Huh!” and “Seriously?!” already. Yeah, you read me right. I DO have that problem… I’m just pretty good at sucking it up (literally). I used to be able to contain it but as age caught up, the bulge got bigger too. It’s a problem area that’s kinda hard to rid, especially with working long hours and parenting 2 kids.

And then.. 5 months ago, I hit my heaviest weight ever (without a baby growing in me). I have no idea what happened.

Actually, fat happened. Work was busy, I was clocking in late nights, and then, late dinners. And maybe, way too many mookata gatherings. And I hadn’t even noticed it until all my clothes were friggin’ tight. Someone once told me – the clothes don’t lie. You are fat when they don’t fit. And they don’t on many occasions and I was like… what’s wrong?!

Did a reality check on the scales and OMG OMFG! I put on like >5kg and was weighing 57kg? That’s my husband’s weight! Post Jerome, I was only about 49kg and I know I put on a bit more after I stopped breastfeeding, but 57KG?! *couldn’t believe my own eyes*

My weight before I started my first session at Absolute Slimming.

My heaviest ever weight.

I was really much, much rounder and someone even asked if I was preggers. #truestory -_-” Photo evidence below.

So, by chance, Absolute Slimming came to the rescue. Absolute Slimming specialises in cupping-based treatments for fast and lasting weight loss. I have to go through cupping treatments (ba guan) and guasha twice a week, which supposedly helps increase my metabolism rate. Coupled with some healthy guidelines on my daily diet, that’s all it takes to lose some weight! No pills, no invasive procedures and no exercise required.

Sounds easy right? Somewhat. After all, nothing is all sugarplums and sunflowers…So, what’s else is there to consider?

1. Diet

The diet sounds simple enough.

Eat 70% full, avoid processed foods and soups, eat 1 serving of chicken/fish or seafood and 1 portion of veggie for each meal. I am to avoid most carbohydrates so no rice and no noodles. I can do 2 meals of red meat in week though.


Something that I would eat as a meal.. but I don’t finish it. I just eat 70% full!

This is kinda easy for me since I love my veggies and seafood a lot and I love eating healthy food! I have to avoid high sugar fruits such as banana and avocados though. While on the diet, I am also appalled to know that the average daily diet that we consume has SO MUCH processed stuff that it is scary.

From the diet, I realised I actually can survive on smaller portions of food! I don’t feel hungry at all or have the urge to eat something. Read the next point to find out why! 

2. The cupping & guasha or “scraping” experience

Gusha is new to me. Basically, a blunt tool is used to scrap the entire body repeatedly. On some days, I find it bearable, other days it can be rather intense. My girlfriend, Irene finds this painful but you can always request for the scraping to be done more gently to suit to your pain threshold.

The cupping is basically suction cups placed all over the body on your acupuncture points. They may leave dark red rings but that just means that you have a lot of non-circulating stagnant blood under your skin so the cupping draws them away so that blood can circulate. I don’t get much of those. I mostly get just the suction mark on the skin and they go away in about 2 hours or so. The therapists that worked on me all said I am very healthy!

Together, both the cupping and guasha are supposed to stimulate blood flow and aid in the metabolism rate. It also aids in appetite suppression so much so that even when I cut down on my diet intake and eat only 70% full, I don’t feel hungry at all. If you maintain the same diet without the treatment, it would be a lot harder to resist eating because one would feel hungry.

3. Commitment 

You will have to be committed to the schedule, and attend 2 sessions per week in order to achieve the best results. I kinda like that it makes me force myself to peel away from work and honestly, the sessions are so relaxing to me that on most occasions, I fall asleep while at it. This would mean minimal travelling too as I have to “report” every 3-4 days.

4. Having the right support group

Being a working mum, I lunch with my teammates on a daily basis and I actually inconvenience them somewhat! They have to cater to my dietary needs and as such, there are a lot of places which we had to avoid as I couldn’t find anything on the menu that I can eat. Honestly, I am very thankful for them because they make it so much easier for me! *love them muchies* 

So, where did I lose the 4kg? Here’s some measurements!

Session Right Arm Left Arm Right Thigh Left Thigh Tummy Waist Hips
1 29.5 29.5 57 56 88.5 78 92
8 28.5 28.5 54 54 82 71.5 91

And I definitely look trimmer. Here’s some before and after photos that I am kinda reluctant to reveal (OMG so fat!) but I have to show what a difference it makes! My colleagues who see me on a daily basis notices the difference, my clothes are so much looser now and the hubby is so happy with a slimmer wife that he asked me to continue the treatment till I drop to his ideal weight. I know, I have a superficial husband. Haha!

Front View - Before and after weight-loss comparison.

Front View – Before and after weight-loss comparison.

Back View - Before and after weight-loss comparison.

Back View – Before and after weight-loss comparison.

Side View - Before and after weight loss comparison

Side View – Before and after weight loss comparison

None of the pictures were doctored in any way other than changing the brightness, so the difference is really quite significant.

I can even fit into this tiny dress that I bought 2 years ago and could only wear it once while I was still breastfeeding and at my slimmest! Really big achievement for me.

Babe mode. HAHAHAHAHAA! #sgbabes #sgmum #sgmummy #ootd #ladyinred #whatiwear #whatiweartoday #cousinswedding

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And, just in case you think the pictures above is taken by sucking my tummy in, I actually have pictures of how I suck it in as comparison!

Before I underwent any slimming session - that's how I hide the tummy!

Before I underwent any slimming session – that’s how I hide the tummy!

After the 8 sessions of Absolute Slimming sessions, I actually like how I look after I suck it in! Hoping to get there some day.

After the 8 sessions of Absolute Slimming sessions, I actually like how I look after I suck it in! Hoping to get there some day.

It’s been almost 3 months since my last treatment and the past months, I have been travelling non stop and eating all sorts of food. There has been minimal rebound since the weight loss. I did put on about 1kg+ but I was told it is normal.  I try not to gorge myself silly like before these days and watch what I put into my mouth. After all, the saying “you are what you eat” hold true.

Till today, I am still getting compliments that I have lost weight and I am as happy as a lark! I definitely hope to lose more if I can!

I hear the question.. how much? Here’s the pricing. You can refer a friend and both of you will each enjoy 1 body treatment worth $200!

8 Body Treatments

12 Body Treatments

+ $200 free credit for Body Treatment or Heat Treatment

For those of you who are looking to lose some weight after munching all those CNY goodies, maybe you can consider going for this! Read the F.A.Qs on their website to find out more too!

Some of my mummy & daddy friends also went through the same treatment and all of whom, lost quite a bit of weight. You can read their experiences here –  Irene, Claudia & Steven! You can also follow me on my facebook or instagram to check on my progress over the next 1 month. I am starting another round of body treatment at Absolute Slimming and am looking to achieve my ideal weight! Towards a slimmer body!

Disclaimer: I was sponsored 8 sessions of slimming treatments from Absolute Slimming for the review. All thoughts, opinions and fats are of my own. Photo credits: Absolute Slimming.