Life’s been busy! So much activities lately, the weekends have been busy with my kid’s blading classes and I hardly have much time to breathe and sleep! The family has also just came back from a fun family trip in Taiwan that I have yet to talk about. So much to do, so little time!

In the midst of all that flurry, I got myself a new hair color! My hair has been black for many years for the sake of easy maintenance but I have been wanting to do something to my hair for a while now. Something different and something new! I couldn’t perm it because of my bleached ends, so I opted for a completely new hair colour! So, here’s my before and after pictures, taken on the same day!

Before the trip to The Comb salon!

Before the trip to The Comb salon!

My hair was completely black (natural hair color) with bleached streaks of green before. It’s quite dry looking and totally in need of a hair cut.

After - new hairdo from The Comb!

After – new hairdo from The Comb!

I totally love my new hair. The feeling of having awesome hair that looks pretty makes me really happy. I literally bounced out of the salon that day (my hair bouncing as well), something that I haven’t done in a while! All thanks to the senior stylist Henry Yu. What do you think? Is it awesome?

With The Comb's senior stylist Henry Yu, I look strangely dwarfed here.

With The Comb’s senior stylist Henry Yu, I look strangely dwarfed here.

Honestly, I have been getting nothing but compliments about my hair for the past week! I go into meetings and there will always be someone to comment on my new hair, or someone whatsapp-ing me in secret to tell me my hair looks good. If you are one of them, big thank you for making my day! My new hair really makes me feel confident, and really made me feel happier for the entire week. Guess there is a reason why people are grumpy when they have bad hair days. For some strange reason, my boss keeps calling me an “angmo” now!

Thank you The Comb salon for the great hair! I really loved it!

The Comb Hair Salon Singapore, 12 Gemmil Lane (+65 6438 3138)

The Comb Hair Salon, 12 Gemmil Lane (+65 6438 3138)

A peek from the glass door at The Comb.

A peek from the glass door at The Comb.

Are you thinking of giving your hair a revamp as well? Maybe you can give The Comb a try! Nested in a cosy stretch off Club Street, the quaint-and-dainty hair salon can be easy to miss, but hard to forget once you’ve experienced it (I actually stared at the sign board for a while because it is so unique!).

Ask for my stylist Henry Yu! Henry has worked in big salons in both Shanghai and Seoul, before recently relocating in Singapore. I love that he suggested what I could do with my hair when I don’t quite know what. I just wanted a new hair.. maybe towards a new perm since my hair has been looking rather limp. Henry expertly tells me that I either have to cut away all my bleached ends or a new colour and cut could probably uplift it. When I shared my concerns about my green streaks and how they would look after the colouring, he recommended ash brown that could go along and have me keep my streaks. I was somewhat overjoyed because I still wanted my rebellious looking streaks instead of a single colour throughout. So accommodating because I know it would be quite a pain to pick out all those green streaks and painstakingly colour only the parts without the green. Much effort, but he assures me that it can be done. Super nice stylist.

He also thinned my thick hair by alot, gave me a much, much, lighter fringe so it doesn’t fall flat against my face, and taught me how to style and care for it, in great details. I love the helpful tips that he gave and I tried them out. Quite effortless and easy! You can read up on the rest of the stylists in the team, most of whom are well-versed with the latest Korean styles.

The Comb is a small cosy salon that sits only 5 customers (or is it 6?)

The Comb is a small cosy salon that sits only 6 customers

I liked that The Comb is a cosy salon that can seats a maximum of 6 customers at any one time! It means I have a little more privacy, less chattering to listen to, and can enjoy a peaceful me-time. When I stepped in, I was immediately given a stack of the latest magazines, as well as a drinks menu to choose my drink from. When my drink came, I was quite impressed….

TWG Tea at The Comb!

TWG Tea at The Comb! oh wow, NICE touch!

OMG!!! TWG! I was seriously quite impressed, especially since it came complete with matching tea cup and pot. I am a sucker for little touches like that! Feels like I’m chilling in some nice cafe. Oh, how about some macarons please?

While getting my hair dyed at The Comb salon.

While getting my hair dyed!

So happy with my hair when it is ALL DONE!

Awesome possum hair. Totally love it, loads!

Awesome possum hair. Totally love it, loads!

Cannot help but keep taking selfies with my new hair!

Cannot help but keep taking selfies with my new hair!

The Comb salon is currently having a special promotion for Digital Perm or Volume Rebonding + Cut + Wash + Blow Dry for just $168 (U.P $340). It is a great deal (even cheaper than some of the neighbourhood salons eh!) so don’t miss it! Call 6438 3138 for an appointment as they can get quite packed, especially on the weekends.

The Comb Hair Salon, Singapore 
Address: 12 Gemmill Ln, 069252
Phone:6438 3138

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post – I received complimentary hair services in order to write this review and all opinions are of my own.