Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge 2014

Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge 2014

I have been invited to partake in the Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge and over the Mother’s Day weekend, I spent a morning learning about Shell FuelSave and fuel efficiency. Having gotten my driver’s license some thirteen years ago, I have been driving quite a bit even though I don’t own a car to my name (apparently, I don’t need to!) and can i say…. the fuel matters!

I know some of you regular, everyday drivers might already know this, but I still want to/need to say this because… I know a lot of drivers who doesn’t bother about the car, the fuel efficiency and all. The difference type of fuel does really make a difference in the driving.

Anyhow, I took home some interesting facts about Shell FuelSave Unleaded (95 or 98).

  • Shell FuelSave Unleaded is a regular priced fuel that is designed to last longer per tank.
  • Contains active efficiency ingredients and designed to improve engine efficiency which in turn helps your car use fuel less quickly.
  • Acts as a lubricant and designed to keep inlet valves clean, prevent deposit formation and improve engine efficiency. (I saw the actual inlet valve with and without deposits!)
Shell FuelSave Log Card

Shell FuelSave Log Cards

So, as part of the challenge, I will be driving around in Shell FuelSave in the next 4 weeks and logging down my fuel efficiency on the Shell FuelSave Log Card. Can I challenge you to log down your fuel efficiency too? Just ask the friendly cashier for one while paying for your petrol, and while stocks last! Meanwhile, just watch this space!

Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge

Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge accepted!

The husband says Jerry & my get up matches the banner colors perfectly. I swear that its purely coincidental! Oh hindsight, I do look like I blend in with the banner hor? -_-”

Roses for Mother's Day

Roses for Mother’s Day

Could I also say, I was really glad to receive these red roses from Shell as well? They were the only roses thing I received for Mother’s Day! Totally made my Mother’s Day, you know?

#challengeaccepted #shellfuelsavesg

Disclaimer: I was invited to take part in the Shell FuelSave Blogger Challenge and have received fuel vouchers in return to complete the challenge. All thoughts and opinions and vehicle(s) used for the challenge are of my own.