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Rapellez Beauty Spa at Liat Towers

Rapellez at Liat Towers (photo credit: Rapellez)

Some weeks back, i plucked up my courage and went for a facial treatment at Rapellez beauty spa. Just to share, i absolutely, hate having someone touch my face and I don’t have the habit of going for facials. When i was much younger, I went once with my aunt and I ended up itching like mad and having red bumps all over my face. It was a sheer torture and obviously bad experience enough to steer clear of it all for many, many years. Well, I’m glad to say Rapellez changed my perception and I can’t wait for the next treatment!

Needless to say, when I turned up at Rapellez, I was nervous beyond words. I was so jittery and totally forgot to take any picture till much later. The therapist lead me into a consultation room to analyze and discuss the treatments that are suitable for me. I also had to fill up a form prior with regards to any allergies and history of health conditions.

My issues – oily t-zone with loads of blackheads and tiny bumps, pigmentation spots at the side of my cheekbones and uneven skin color.

The therapist checked my face, looked at my history, had a chat with me on my concerns, took into consideration that my skin is very thin and that I am still breastfeeding before advising on the treatments for me. I love that they were very open about it about discussing the issues. One of the treatments that I requested for my pigmentation is actually not advisable for breastfeeding mothers and the consultant was very open about telling me that and I was very appreciative of that. I mean, it was nice that they were genuinely concerned and did not anyhow propose a treatment or just allow the customer to do it simply to close a deal.

After some discussion and bearing in mind that my ebm drinking son is already quite old at 16 months, and survives much on formula milk and solid foods and only drinks ebm once a day, I made the informed decision to still go ahead to try, but requested for a less intense version of the usual therapy they provide.

Couple Spa room at Rapellez Beauty Spa Liat Towers

Spa room at Rapellez (photo credit: Rapellez)

I was then led into the rooms to change. The rooms were cosy and had soft music playing to help customers relax and i started with my treatment.

Surprise, surprise! The therapist told me that she will start with a back acupoint massage first, and apparently, the back acupoint massage is provided with most of their treatments. It is meant to help customers relax so that the treatment would be more effective. Do you know our skin absorbs more effectively when the body is in a state of relaxation? I learnt something new and hey, free massage, me love! My shoulders was all tensed up from working all day and any form of massage is love! 🙂

Pore Refiner Treatment at Rapellez Beauty Spa.

Doing the Pore Refiner Treatment at Rapellez.

I started with the Pore Refiner treatment, which is done using high speed ultrasonic vibration and water to provide deep cleansing that is unattainable by conventional skin care methods. It is totally painless and I just hear a constant buzzing sound and feel like I have tiny droplets of water bouncing off my skin. The treatment helps to improve skin texture and skin tone by unclogging and refining open pores.

Did you see that small dish of water beside my face? Gross picture ahead! See the before and after of the dish of water after the treatment, and the amount of gunk on my face to turn the water totally cloudy!

Dish of water before and after the Pore Refining Treatment

A small dish of water showing the before and after doing the Pore Refining Treatment

I was totally enjoying this part of the treatment because it felt refreshing to have the misty sensation on my face constantly. I didn’t manage to fall asleep because I had a friend with me (my assigned photographer of the day) and we were talking non stop.

Clean face after Pore Refining Treatment

Clean face after painless extraction. Look! No redness at all!

The painless part is the best. No redness or sore skin and all I have is clean, smooth skin. I was so mad impressed.

Kiseki Light Treatment (PTF - Photo therapy Flash)

Kiseki Light Treatment at Rapellez

I did the Kiseki Light Treatment (90 mins) next, which is a FDA-approved Photo Therapy Flash (PTF) technology from Japan. It is an improved, multi-functional intense pulse light technology which is safe, painless and effective. It uses the combination of heat & light to achieve maximum efficiency with no downtime. It can be used to aid in pigmentation lightening, face lifting,  treatment of acne and vascular lesion as well as permanent hair reduction. The Kiseki Light is also apparently a better technology than the IPL technology that’s out in the market today, and allows precision targeting at the areas that needs to be treated, while causing lesser damage to the surrounding skin.

If you are sharp enough, you would be wondering why there is a piece of cotton wool right at the area that I’m treating. That’s because, I have a few tiny moles surrounding the pigmentation spot and the therapist was really detailed and decided to protect me with the cotton pad because the PTF on the moles would hurt.

Detailed service from Rapellez Beauty Spa

Cutting a small hole to treat the specific area and protecting my moles and me from any pain.

I really think the therapist was quite brilliant and super detailed. I don’t know, but my moles were really tiny and I would assume most would tell me that it might hurt a little instead. Ticklish to see this picture actually. My friend said it was really cute.

Post Kiseki Light Treatment, a calming sheet mask is applied as a cold compress to calm the skin and to minimize the pores.

Scary face with a calming sheet mask

Scary face with a calming sheet mask

Errrm, did I scare you? I’m sorry if I did! The treatment ended with a rose essence infused soft mask to hydrate, nourish and firm the skin and I love the light rose scent of it. Reminds me a little of the bandung drink and I kinda had a craving for the drink thereafter! (p.s. note to self – must remind my friend to avoid casting a shadow when helping me take pictures next time!)

Rose scented mask at Rapellez Beauty Spa

Rose scented mask to cool the face down after the treatment

Oh, I forgot to mention this even though its quite typical of most facials. My messy brows got a trim too! Really like how smooth and clean my face is after the treatment. It’s almost baby soft! I couldn’t help it but keep touching my face thereafter. (ikr. I shouldn’t, but I cannot. help. it.)

Clean, moisturized face right after the mask.

Loving the clean, smooth skin on the face!

And now, here’s the exciting bit. YOU can have smooth, clean face too! I am giving away 5 X Complimentary Pore Refiner Facials (UP. $210).

Pore Refiner Facial (90-min, UP. $210) is a high speed ultrasonic vibration full treatment that includes back acupoint massage, scalp tension release with aromatherapy, cleansing, extraction, eyebrow trimming and rose essence infused soft mask.

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If you aren’t one of the lucky winners or cannot wait to try the Pore Refiner Facial, here’s some good news. Rapellez has also very graciously extended a special offer for my readers. You guys can enjoy the treatment at a special trial price of $15 only! Simply quote “Cherieladie” (pronounced as cherie-lady) when you call in to book an appointment!

 Rapellez beauty spas are located at the following locations:

  • Orchard (Liat Towers) #18-03/04, (+65) 67360567
  • City Hall (The Adelphi) #03-09, (+65) 62240567
  • Tampines (Tampines Junction) #05-06, (+65) 64430567
  • Upper Thomson (Thomson Imperial Court) #01-08, (+65) 65560567

If you do try, do share with me your experience and whether you love it or not? I can’t wait for my next appointment to come along. 🙂


About Rapellez  Established in 2002, Rapellez came a long way with the vision to bring beauty to all walks of life. Rapellez provides a wide range of beauty treatments and products that cater to both men and women. From reviving facials, reshaping body treatments to rejuvenating spa therapies, they provide non-invasive solutions to all your beauty concerns. Rapellez take pride in providing professional yet personalized and friendly service. Using only the finest products combined with traditional remedy and latest technology, Rapellez aims to give customers an excellent experience to remember. They are committed to constantly provide their customers with the most effective beauty solutions by introducing new beauty products, treatments and equipment.


Disclaimer: I was sponsored sessions of treatment in exchange for blogging about my experience at Rapellez. All images are not digitally enhanced at all except for putting in of the watermark and all thoughts and opinion are mine.