The Big B Event.

hello. I am on vacation right now, in sydney without the kids and having a whale of a time (it’s whale watching season here! pun fully intended!).

and i am super thankful for my travel companions that are so understanding and thoughtful while travelling with me, a breastfeeding mum.

here’s what i have been up to everyday while on vacation.

expressing, storing and freezing up my ebm (expressed breast milk). i unabashedly cleared out a level of my guy friend’s freezer in his home to freeze my breast milk so that they dont go to waste. and i have grand plans of bringing them back to SG with me (yes, i even brought along ice box and bags for storage).

because i believe breast milk is best for baby and breastfeeding is the way to go!

if you didn’t know it yet, WHO (World Health Organization) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a baby’s life and this is even stated on the labels of milk powder tins. Other than the obvious benefit of the breast milk having all the nutrients that your baby need (and the fact that its free), there are other reasons why its beneficial for a mum to breastfeed.

1. Help reduces the risk of allergic conditions (e.g. asthma & eczema) or serious illnesses like leukemia and childhood diabetes for the child.

2. It is a healthy choice for the mum too. the pregnancy weight sheds off fast and it helps with regulating weight for the mum. It reduces the risk of postpartum depression. It also reduces the risk of premenopausal breast cancers, ovarian cancers and bone fractures from osteoporosis in the later part of life.

3. it can act as a birth control! ok. disclaimer, research shows that it’s about 98% effective only. heh.

Anyway, the whole point of me sprouting all these… is because it’s national breastfeeding awareness month in AUGUST! And if you are breastfeeding mum like me, i want to invite you to join me at the big B event.

You can take part in the breastfeeding challenge and set a new record with the most number of mums breastfeeding together. you can help create the awareness that breastfeeding is the best that a mum can give to the child.

Be the first 250 mums to register for the big B event at or call them at 62950810 and receive a goodie bag worth $100!

at the same time, you can pop by the Parents World Exhibition 2013 in the same hall and check out the daily massive bargains and rock-bottom deals on baby products. admission is free.

Do check out their facebook event page if you want to find out more!

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