Love 97.2FM DJ Violet Fenying Birthday’s Cake

By a stroke of luck, the M.I.C.E mummies (that’s Mabel, Irene, Cherie & Estella) got to be part of the popular Love 97.2FM DJ Violet Fenying‘s birthday celebrations held last Saturday. In fact, we had a lot of fun in the participating in the event because Irene & Estella were both the hosts, and Mabel & I were the vases (stand around and look pretty type except that i am not so pretty). #lol

M.I.C.E. mommies introducing ourselves at the event

The birthday celebrations was held at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant in Yio Chu Kang, and can i say… i was mad impressed with the food spread. They had a huge variety of food ranging from japanese (free flow sashimi!), seafood, dim sum, kueh pie tee, hainanese chicken rice, doubled boiled soup, noodles, yakitori, tempura and fried stuff counter (the chickie wings rocked) and a long list of desserts (free flow ben & jerry’s ice cream!), but unfortunately, i didn’t get the chance to try them all cos I was busy helping out. The last time i dined in Sakura was a long time back and it was really a pleasant surprise to know that the spread has grown and is quite value for money!

M.I.C.E at DJ Violet Fenying Birthday Celebrations

My hair look horrible that day so pardon me. Here we are giving out prizes to the audience that participated in our games. All the fans (no, not ours, but Violet Fenying’s) were so enthusiastic, friendly and warm! Loads of people turned up (she is very popular!) and the restaurant was packed to the brim! Oh, i think one of our readers, Jess was there as well (Hi, Jess!).

Restaurant brimming with happy people celebrating her birthday

I got ‘pranked’ by my dear friends at the event.. they had me demonstrate the game charade (i’m terribly bad at it!) and here’s me, being a laughing stock (i think). I can so tell how bad my acting skills are based on the blur faces of the audience!

Trying to act out a word… Can you guess?

Trying very hard still…

Anyway, i got asked to play out the word “SAKURA”. Goodness gracious! How can one ever do that please? I resorted to tracing the shape out but ended up looking like i was doing some kind of mambo jumbo dance moves (You can dance, you can jive.. having the time of your life.. ooh..). I almost died of embarrassment can? Need to find a chance to revenge on the 2 of them! #jokingonlylah

I had a lot of fun laughing at myself while at it, and shooting dagger stares at Estella & Irene. We also had a chance to talk to the Chef on the food spread and took a picture with him as well before Violet made her grand entrance.

Head Chef of Sakura International Buffet Restaurant with M.I.C.E & Agnes of AT Marketing Consultancy

DJ Violet Fenying posing for pictures

It wasn’t my first time meeting Violet Fenying. I first met her at the Nestle Koko Krunch Parent Child cooking event where she was the new ambassador of the brand and i must say that she has an affable personality and really easy to talk to. Totally no airs and very friendly! She knows a lot of her fans by name and are close to them – they even have a whatsapp group chat with her where they chat daily. Wow. So nice right?

There were a lot of sponsors for the event – surely that shows how well-liked she is and the event was a great success! The event was a good 4 hours and everyone stayed till the last moment! These fans, they are amazing.

DJ Violet Fenying Birthday Celebrations at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant with her son and daughter.

Loads of prizes up for grabs on the lucky draw prize table.

Violet Fenying giving out lucky draw prizes to lucky winners. The top prize is worth $668!

It was a very fun experience and i think i should challenge myself against my fear of stage fright (i know i don’t look it but im damn shy) and try hosting next time. Estella & Irene both looked like they had a lot of fun!

Violet Fenying & me!

M.I.C.E with Violet Fenying & Agnes (ATMC)

Ended the day with a group shot with Violet Fenying and she’s probably one of the nicest DJ I have ever met!

All images without watermark are official event photographs taken by Episode Photography and Fenying Family Fan Club. Many thanks to AT Marketing Consultancy for the invitation!