Realized that I haven’t posted this “Things Jerry Says” post after I drafted it last week! So here it is! And just for record, I am STILL hacking away today, and the persistent cough is not getting any better. Hoping to get well soon since being under the weather is just meh!

Dining at Eat Love Play cafe

Jerry & mummy at Eat, Love, Play Café.

I have been sick for as long as the husband is gone. I caught the bug from the kids who also has been sick for as long as the husband is gone. While all of us have seen the doc, this viral bug is proving quite deadly and my medication didn’t work as well (or maybe its the lack of sleep/rest and solo parenting that’s doing me in) and the kids are still being nebulized.

I happened to be coughing when Jerry came up to me and started stroking me on my back.

J: Mummy, you sick? Jerry saiyang.. (strokes my back)
C: Yes.. mama sick.
J: Never mind mummy. Later i go buy medicine for you…
(by the way, its 10.49pm at night when this happened)
C: Thank you Jerry. But do you have money to buy?
J: Noooo…..
C: Then how are you going to buy medicine for mummy?
J: Hmmmmmmmmm……… where is Gu Gu (aunty aka my SIL)?
C: Gu Gu at home…
J: I go take money from Gu Gu and buy medicine for you.

I had to burst out laughing at this. Hilarious can? But this kid is also smart.. he knows who to go to huh… LOL.

And then… in a separate occasion.. where we were talking about Disney Cars…

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at PM 11.05.49

J: Mummy, i love Mater (Disney cars character shown in picture above)! Can you buy me a Mater?
C: Jerry, no…. Mummy has no money. Mummy will buy for you when I have the money ok?
J: Mummy, you no money? Hmmm.. never mind. Gu Gu have. I go ask Gu Gu..
C: Does Gu Gu have money?
J: Yes! Gu Gu got a lot of coins. In the wall!!

I totally have no idea what “in the wall” means! Haha.

Marilyn, you are in trouble! My son sees you as the 摇钱树 (literal translation – shake money tree symbolizing a ready source of money, i.e. cash cow). Heh heh.