do you know breastfeeding on the smrt trains is NOT allowed? It is against the well-known rule and regulation of “no eating/drinking on trains” and you are liable for the fine if you are caught. there is no exemption to it, but you can appeal if you are being issued a notification of offences.

read more here.

and no, i wasn’t intending to do it.. i was just surfing around for some other information and i came across that.

// Edited: 18 April – Realised that SMRT has changed its rules and here’s what on their website now.

Can i breastfeed or feed my children?

For the comfort of other passengers it is best to feed your children before entering the station. But we understand a hungry child needs to be fed, and we can make special arrangements for you within our station premises. Please approach our station staff for assistance.


The original link is no longer available but if my memory didnt fail me, it said something along the lines that breastfeeding is NOT allowed and if you need to breastfeed, you have to EXIT the train station. No feeding of water or food is allowed as well and you have to leave the train station. I remember being horrified at reading it and shared it with a lot of my friends then. Just glad that SMRT is a little more humane as a company and recognizes the needs of the young now.

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