• 09:13 @unpolishedgem is her complexion really as flawless? #
  • 09:14 am so proud of myself. am really early at work today.. feels like a really good feeling. #
  • 09:35 @becxbecx *hugs* the feeling will go away soon.. keep yourself busy and occupied. 🙂 #
  • 11:28 it is almost lunch, but i am still so FULL. urgh. #
  • 17:13 am wishing that i have stronger vocab. am racking my brains dead from thinking for alternatives. #
  • 19:38 Omg! I fell asleep on the train journey home and slept way past my stop. Grr. Now, I had to waste 15mins travelling back. #
  • 19:40 @vanstels tried! But nothing suitable came up! #
  • 20:21 am a hungry ghost. must remind myself not to just survive on soup for lunch… #

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