updates on the weekend..

I finally finished sorting out the 5000 photos on thurday nite after working on it every single nite after i came back from spain. sent it for print on friday. spent the nite at wei’s coz there’s no place for me to sleep back home! 3 uncles, my aunt, my brother and my mum.. all in a 4 room hdb flat. and a cramp one that is. after allocating all the space.. i can only sleep on a tiny sofa or out. i chose the latter.

its been a pity that i hasnt been able to update my bloggie over the weekend. the events were so hectic and i was like a mad dog rushing from place to place.

here’s a brief account of what happened.

had lunch with chiew yen and jean after work on saturday. i forgot to collect my grandpa’s photos after work and had to rush from bishan to yihsun to collect. argh! upon collection, i headed to wei’s house to return the car.. and had lunch with him.

spent the rest of the day sorting out the 700+ photos that i developed for gong and lau chek. it was super tedious when all the background looks familiar and because gong only had 3-4 sweaters to alternate with.. he seemed to be wearing the same clothes all the time and since i only developed the pictures with him n lau chek in it only, i had a hard time recalling where was what and when.

Ria (my indonesian classmate in sec sch) was back in town for the last couple of weeks and i was supposed to meet her and the rest of the gang at 6.45pm. and i was sorting the pictures till 8.45pm (only to have half of them sorting by the days). yes. i missed the meeting time and had to skip the dinner. i quickly bathed and changed and cabbed down to suntec to join the gang. boy..i was really quite late. i managed to catch up with Ria for an hr before she had to leave. Girl, it’s been nice seeing you after all these years. take care and come visitng soon again! (click here to see the photos of the gathering)

joined wei and his bmt mates at balaclava for drinks. already yawning away by then since my day started early in the morning at work. the guys decided to head for a snooker game at my idol’s place! woohoo!! i was quite excited and popped along since they are going to play my favourite number ball game. heh. (yeah, i know.. i can only blame myself for being so tired rite?)

got back at wei’s place at 3+ and im backing to sorting photos. in accordance to the time of the day and days of the trip.. i was drifting into dreamland in the midst of it. finally completed 1 set at ard 5am and roped in wei to help coz i doubt i could finish.. and everything was done at 6am. gawd.. i was so beat!! wanted to head down to take a cab and wei suggested that i waited half an hr more. more life on the streets and more cab too. so i waited for a while and ended up in dreamland for a hr.

u can imagine how frantic i was when i woke, coz i was supposed to be ready at 9am back home to head for the train station. took a cab back home, worked on photoshop to churn out a birthday card with my face on it for grandpa and rushed in the bathroom to get ready. by the time i was out, everyone was waiting for me. we were late. thank god the train is at 10.30am. took a cab to the train station and minutes after.. i was on the train.. rolling towards layang layang.

everything after is pretty mundane. eat feast at restuarant at layang, head back to rengam, cut up cake.. family photo taking.. chatting with relatives.. play with talking parrot.. took a quick bath (too sticky to bear!), baded goodbyes.. drove to kluang train station, took express train back to sing. the only memorable thing is that gong turned 90 years old!! wow.. 10 more years to a century.. i hope he’ll live pass 100. he doesnt look/act like 90 years old and no one on the spain trip think he’s 90!

and then cos its father’s day as well.. the family decided to have dinner after we reached sing. and i struggled thru dinner. turned zombie by the time i got home.

did some more spain collages yesterday and here they are..

day 8..

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

day 9..

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