hot hot hot!

it’s such a hot day that it has turned cherie into a grumpy little girl.

as much as i want to hide in the comfort of my air-conditioned room, i do want to stay in the hot living room to use my computer as well. such an irony. if only, i have wireless broadband this very moment.

it’s almost 9pm and i havent heard from wei. the day seemed to pass by so quick, that i havent seemed to have enjoyed myself except for lunch this afternoon. *willing for the phone to ring*

my little pet hamster doesnt seemed to be feeling the heat. she’s running and running non-stop on her wheel and creating so much noise that i can hear it from my room! quite an active one. like owner, like pet! haha.

feeling so lethargic! argh! feel like singing karaoke tho. i need to get out of the house!