2nd Attempt..

Last nite.. i tried to log into blogspot.. doesnt seemed to work for a while and i finally decided to post my journal on my livejournal instead..

after i finished with livejournal, i checked on blogspot and it seemed to working fine.. and i went on to type a chunk of frustrations about not being able to blog here in my usual complain style and for the fact that i hadnt had the time to tweak the code in livejournal as yet.. it looks so sucky! and when i click the “publish” button.. blogspot is down again!! *$%#@$!!

Obviously, i forgot to make a copy of the post that i happily typed and there! it’s gone forever. Grr.. was too tired then to do anything abt it and headed for bed since everyone had asked me to rest early.

Thanks for all the concern and well wishes by those on my msn list. appreciate it loads!!

-feeling heartwarmed-

anyway, here’s the post that i posted on livejournal.. a little lengthy and i’ve already gotten feedback that i’m obsessed with myself.. haha. well.. to me, it’s just looking back at the fragments of my life.. and to serve as a keepsake.. some years later (err, maybe 5?).. i might not be able to remember so much anymore (i heard memory fails with age!).. and this can serve as a reminder..


blogspot down?

just when i finally have the time to blog and am in the mood, blogspot had to be down!

am on MC again today. going to be the MC queen of the whole company already. but, seriously speaking. I’m sick everyday. Sick of work. haha.

was running 38 degrees fever last nite. eyes burning and guess what? i was still singing at K box (lot 1) last nite. knew i had fever, but didnt know it was that serious till i came home and took my temperature.

slept the entire morning away, caught up with all the episodes of the 9pm show that i missed. i know the show is a little lame, but i started watching it coz some scenes of the first episode was filmed at one of my outlets and i was the person who arranged and seek approval for it + the sponsorship for cake. so, i felt i should at least watch it and make sure that there was credits at the end of the show. ha. so, somehow.. i was quite hooked after that.. coz i like one of the female main cast.

headed for the doc in the evening. Had dinner with wei’s whole family and got an angpow from his dad. wow.. free meal + angpow = great!

it’s anson’s bachelor’s nite today and wei went gallivanting with the gang. -wonders where they are now-

anyway, im not going to intrude and find out. Hope they enjoy themselves.. haha.. coz, im looking forward to ivy’s hens night out. according to the discussions in progress.. it sounds really INTERESTING. i hope wei wont probe since im not probing the bachelor’s nite out today. heee..

i think it’s really time for bed now.. everyone has been asking me to rest early.. drink loads of water.. and STOP playing with the computer and hang around online.. so much so that i decided to appear offline on msn for a short while so that i can quickly blog and head for bed.

here’s the compilation of the photos of my growing up years in the last couple of weeks. took me a long time to go through the photos and figure out which photos belong to which years.. and scanning them in.. adjusting the sizes and making a collage out of it. some years are missing.. and i figured that those are the years when my life is in a mess (family and personal issues), that’s y there arent any photos for me to post it here.

a lot of you might be able to relate to some of the photos.. and maybe some of you can even relate to it since the primary schools days. ha ha.. so enjoy.. and leave me some comments!!! (and oh, if some of you finds the photo familiar or you were in it, i’m sorry i had to crop you out.. coz this is about me!! haha..)