complain queen..

it’s been a busy weekend last week and a busy start.. i hardly have time to breathe yesterday.. so much work piling up and i’m getting frustrated with everything at work.

the weekend was well spent with Fish Leong’s concert on sat nite and chilling out at cosy bay right after. was really tired by the end of the day.. i guess it was due to the fact that i slept really late on friday nite and had to work the next morning. took some photos at the concert.. wont be quite clear, but i’ll post it up when i have the time.

sun was spent at sentosa, occupied with beach volley for almost the whole day.. despite the numerous showers of blessing from the clouds above, i felt burnt at the end of the day. headed off to newton for some gorging from my favourite stall, but was really disappointed to find that it’s not open! settled for something else instead. was a little upset while i was there.. i dunno what was wrong with wei.. he kept jumping into conclusions and kinda accused me of every little thing. argh.. felt a little pissed but didnt wanna spoil the day.. so i cursed under my breath and pretend to smile..

it was gown shopping after that. bought a gown after trying dozens for almost 2 hours! met pei in daniel yam shop in wisma.. ha, so qiao! didnt get the one that i initially set out for.. was determined to get a white/off white gown but all the designs that i like ran out of sizes.. or no more new pieces.. and the display pieces, the flaws are too obvious to even let me consider buying..

bought a black gown instead and came out of the shop wondering why i bought the gown! i already had a black one back home.. but oh well, this is sweeter.. and of coz, much more expensive!

Oh, i talked to alfie (alphonsus) last nite over msn and realised that the techmexians had a gathering!! i wasn’t asked along..(prob. long forgotten.. ha!) but was glad that someone remembered abt me and asked y i wasnt asked along. ha. anyway, saw from sally’s bloggie the happenings of the gathering.. wished i was there.. oh well.. told alfie he cannot forget asking me the next time they meet!

okie.. i got to go back to work.. a pile of work waiting for me now.. *sigh*