happy girl..

[ feeling | slight aching body but glad ]
[ im hearing | silence of a night ]
[ im needing | water parade ]

i had a great weekend. nothing spectacular happened, but it was fun nonetheless. it started with dinner @ orchard with yt, lester + jac.. hunted ard for a makan place and crapped for a long time.. shifted to a coffee place when sakae closed. ran out of cork since everyone seemed tired. lester headed home alone first, and yt decided to hit the arcade for some destressing. we joined him, and left with red painful hands. jac + me almost headed for ms, but ended up in karaoke with yt after much strolling.

dar came along to partyworld. poor boi, he’s so tired that he slept soundly for 2 hrs in the karaoke room. when we hit home at near dawn, we collapsed in bed immediately.

slept 2/3 of sat away, had dinner and played number ball at occ. met randy and kah hui there. they were playing pool with a sweet girl (wonder who’s gf it is). supper was a feast at my favourite stall in newton. its yet another late night out.

struggled to wake at 9am on a sunday morning. washed up and prepared for the exciting day ahead. had a light breakfast, fetched pei from amk mrt station and hit the roads to raffles marina where the wakeboarding session begins!

had fun, laughing.. enjoying. the only bad thing was my motion sickness. almost puked into the sea several times. i took loads of photos of everyone.. wakeboarding in action. BUT, i came home only to realise.. NO ONE took a single shot of me while i wakeboarded. NOT EVEN ONE. *sigh* feeling a slight disappointment but there’s nothing i can do abt it. it’s already over [full stop] *pouting*

watched white noise at bishan before heading back to dar’s hse. hit the pillows the moment i got there. super tired with the lack of sleep.

supper at casuarina prata shop and it’s home to start a brand new week.

loaded the wakeboarding photos into my com and had then resized already. but for the moment, i simply have no more strength to do a collage of it.

Oops. japanese class tomorrow, but my homework’s undone.

– pulls hairs –