random thots of the day..

i’m really tired.. i’ll make a couple of comments and i’ll leave.

1. as i expected, my previous blog entry has affected someone. sigh.

2. got a hell of a kick outa playing snooker with toto @ safra. won 5 out of 6. a super rare occasion with a super sharp shooter.

3. as unlucky as i dunno what..i got slammed with a $150 fine and 6 demerit points for speeding. wei just called and told me abt while i was playing snooker. and yes.. its me.. at tuas area one day while i was rushing to wakeboard. it could only be me. *sobbing at the hole in my pocket* damn! there werent any cameras ard! anyone wanna donate to cherie’s speeding fine fund?

4. despite this being a really short work week for me.. im dreading work more than ever! i hate to say this.. but i hate going to work now. everything just irks me!

5. time to head for bed. hopefully everything that’s happening in reality will just become a dream.