No. I am not scolding anyone but I want to introduce you guys to this particular movie that I happened to watch on a ferry while I was in Cebu. I have been telling all my friends and colleagues to go watch it, and have been meaning to blog about it and share but kept forgetting. If you haven’t watched it, you really should.

It isn’t a new movie, in fact, its quite dated considering that it was launched in 2009. It is Indian coming-of-age comedy-drama film that went on to be the highest grossing Bollywood film. I guarantee that it is not a waste of time although I did hear feedback that it might be a little dry to watch through the initial part of the movie.


I laughed a lot and teared a lot with this movie, and I took with me so much of life’s philosophy. Friendship, love, life, success, knowledge and all. I find the movie very relatable and real. I wish my kids were old enough for me to show them this movie. Am sure it would be a good movie to teach them about life’s values and help determine what kind of person they would like to grow up to be.

There are many different versions out there, but I recommend watching the original Indian version with the English subtitles. Do prep some tissues because it’s definitely tear-jerking at some point. If you watched it, do share with me your thoughts and if this was thumbs-up or thumbs-down for you!

P.s. Everyone whom I know finished the movie says this is a bloody good movie and went on to share it with their friends (just like me).