i’m expecting a storm tomorrow.. in my office of coz.. something distratous happened today, but the sad thing is.. i dunno what! I heard from one of my colleagues that there’ll be some announcement tomorrow.. and for the past week.. i have been subtly warned by my boss that there’ll be drastic changes. kinda send a chill down my spine, not knowing what’s gonna happen.. will i be asked to pack and leave? i seriously doubt so, but someone will have to bear the axe.. i wonder who.

anyway, i’ve not been feeling well of late. i think its due to the lack of sleep.. lack of sufficient water.. played too hard (or rather going out too frequently).. and spend late nights revising my new language and staring at my com.

i seriously feel that i’ll be on MC tomorrow, but i’ll still be heading for the office no matter what. i’m all alone.. sometimes.. i wonder.. how to leave without worrying abt my work?

i went shopping for xmas pressies today.. but didnt buy anything.. totally no idea what to buy for who.. for those of you who wants to ease my little brain from thinking too much, please drop your “dream” pressie on either my tagboard or my comments board. no gaurantee will get.. you know.. im a broke little girl.

Oh.. im thinking of sending little cute cards to my friends.. but my life have been so packed that i dont have the time to think who i wanna send to.. if you wish to receive my acts of love, do drop me a message on your name and your address.. and i’ll seriously shortlist and make the decision.. pls hurry, on a first come first serve basis.. limited card available. *grinz*

Alrighty, heading for bed before i get really really sick…