Met up with michie, jac, yee tat and huisi for dinner last night.. Was late for the shopping spree that i arranged with jac before dinner.. Didnt want to be late of coz.. something unexpected has happened in the office.. someone lost the hp… *shrug* Kinda spoilt my day, but poor girl.. think she was almost on the verge of tears..

Had dinner at Sketches and both jac & me were late for the dinner appointment coz we were too caught up shopping.. *grinz* Havent met yee tat and huisi for ages.. and it was fun catching up with each other.. And hey michie, i found out that lizards belong to the reptile family!! not insects lah! *LOL*

Took some pictures and am still waiting for jac to send them to me… so that i can host them up..

Loaded on 9 July 2004, 6.55pm
Courtesy of jac & michie..