i have reflected much this week, even though it was an extremely tiring and rushed week.

last week was a week of exhilaration, this week, a matter of disappointment. the state of mind controls my emotions, and it’s so strong that it amazes me.

last week, i felt so good that nothing could get me down. literally. even the extreme coldness of the office aircon didnt faze me as i wear my sleeveless top around the whole week. this week, i was shivering non stop, on top of my burning eyes. it dawned on me that, the mind could do wonderful things… like keep me all chirpy and awake for 3 days despite the extreme lack of sleep last week and yet this week, i felt so a flop.

i met up with moses last nite for a couple games of pool. we then sat in a cafe after that and started chatting. he was telling me about this brain power course he has attended, and it’s really interesting stuff. the chat ascertained some stuff that i was thinking all along.

hmm.. mayhe i should get my butt moving to getting my life in order.

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