weekend was spent with work on sat morning and zipping down to arab street to source for some materials needed for work. it’s was quite therapeutic to walk alone in those little streets, taking my time to muse at the wares offered. the only bad side? the heat of the scorching sun that’s beating down my back and lugging a huge heavy bag.

almost got into another fight with wei cos he broke his promise again and made me waited for 3 hours aimlessly. i decided not to waste my time being angry and checked into hyatt hotel for my retreat. wow. how nice. big comfy room, big plasma tv, nice toilet and i was watching my fav channel (national geo!) while munching on a green apple taken from the lift lobby.


i actually fell asleep after a while cos i was so tired and my rest broke when wei finally called me (after 28 miss calls from me). the rest of the day? spent shopping, munching around and watching da vinci code.

popped home and was dead to the world by mid afternoon. i konked out literally with a dead phone. wei has a wedding to attend, and i was thinking of getting home and having some me-time, but when i put my dead phone to charge.. a zillion messages popped in.

my grandma’s condition sorta worsen. i rushed out without a change of my clothes after letting my phone charge for 10 minutes. stayed in the hospital till abt 3 hours ago. she’s was on a oxygen mask and developed a fever later in the night. my dad is keeping watch now, together with my cousin and another aunt. she might not make it past tonight.

i need some sleep now. logging out.

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