Kind acts are a little underrated in Singapore. There are kind souls around and I have witnessed quite a few of them. It is just that they aren’t as amplified as the negative ones commonly seen on social media today.

Today, a kind stranger that really, really made my day.

So, 4 months ago, I posted this picture on my Instagram of me wearing my mi band (a fitness tracking device worn on the wrist).

I am not a fitness buff. I just have the habit of tracking and knowing how much I walk daily, and it does soothes me to know that I do clock in at least the recommended 10,000 steps a day. I have been doing that using my phone for the longest time, but was really excited when I was gifted the mi band because it boasts of a lot more functions like tracking my sleep patterns, notifying me that I have a call when my phone is ringing etc. Maybe I’ll write a blog post of that soon, but the bit that I am most excited about is being able to track my sleep. I am constantly feeling very tired and have no idea if I am really clocking in good quality sleep.

So, I have been wearing my mi band diligently for months now, 24/7 round the clock and only removing it to charge. Reviewing all the mi band data that I clock on a daily basis is pretty interesting and addictive! I highly recommend it actually..

Anyway, back to the main point. I lost it this morning on my way to work. The trains were super packed. I was carrying quite a bit of stuff cos I bought breakfast for my team mates. In between being pushed into the train and being squeezed while trying to manage my bags, I think the mi band tracker fell out of the wrist band. I emerged from the train station and noticed that my mi band device is GONE!

I actually feared this day for a while, because I have lost it a few times but I did recover it back since it was within my house. My wrist band is a little loose because I tugged at it too often when I carry grocery bags causing the mi band to drop when tugged. I immediately texted the husband and told him how upset I was.

When I reached the office, I dug my bag and the plastic bags of food that I was carrying to see if by any chance, the mi band fell inside. No hope. I slumped into my chair at work, feeling really really upset.I posted another pic on Instagram to mourn about my loss.

Just when I was done crafting and about to hit the share button, my phone rang! A mobile number that I have never seen before. Turns out. Someone found my mi band and wants to return it to me! Wooohooo! I was super excited.

Fast forward to 9 hours later, I met the guy at the train station at knock off time and I got back my mi band. Super nice can? The guy even waited for me because when I was slightly late. He is a fellow mi band user and told me that he knew someone must have lost it when he saw it on the train near the door so he picked it up and asked around the commuters. Of cos I wasn’t there. I left the train 20 mins ago!

Oh yeah! Reunited with my #miband after 9+ hours. Happy as a lark!

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Very, very thankful to him so that I can be reunited with my mi band. God bless him! The mi band is not expensive, but it contains a lot of my daily data that I could use to analyze my sleeping habits and daily fitness and I was really upset when I know I lost it. I wanted to take a picture of him but I was too shy and we were on board the train heading home.

Are you wondering how the guy knew the mi band belonged to me and manage to call me? And did you wonder what my husband meant when he asked me about the sticker? You see… I have this habit of sticking stickers with my name and contact details on a lot of my belongings. And I actually have a picture of the mi band with the sticker taken on the day I stuck it on to show the husband because I am getting more paranoid about losing it one day.

My mi band device with the sticker.

My mi band device with the sticker with my contact details.

I stuck these stickers on my ezlink cards, and a whole lot of other things like my cameras and stuff. I have lost and recovered a lot of items because of this sticker, the most common item being ezlink cards. Not that I lose them often, but my mum has a stack of ezlink cards that is used for family guests when they come visit and they all had my name and contact stuck on it. The cards does get lost sometimes so I get notified when that happens.

My logic is that.. when you lose something and someone finds it. He/she is less compelled to do anything about it or even keep it because there is no way to know who owns it. So, people won’t bother. But, if you have a number, people are more likely to call. And I am here to tell you, I am proven right a few times now that people really do bother to call, and even make a effort to return.

And I am forever thankful for the kind hearts and souls that have helped me since. I am a happy girl today.

Share this story with someone you know who loses things often. It might help them too! 🙂