i have been anticipating the meet up with michelle and yesterday was the day we were supposed to get together.

i got really upset last night and am very angry with myself. for months, i kept the secret of the christmas present, had it ready ages ago. nicely framed and all. been wanting to throw her a surprise, but didnt manage it eventually.

and i smashed it just when i was waiting for michelle! the glass’s shattered into a million pieces. so did my heart. entirely annoyed with myself and sat by the pavement along orchard road to sulk for at least 40 mins.

the perfect present ruined.


stupid me. and i caused jon to cut his finger while he was helping me to hold the present when i was clearing the glass pieces. and mich had to head home with a “glassless” frame. i am so SO sore.

dumb right? i feel so much like a retard.

it was also a bad day for michie. poor girl, was so frustrated abt her work last night. despite wanting to do some christmas shopping together, she didnt manage it in the end while jon & me roamed the streets wondering what to do. hee. i broke the record of waiting for her for 3 hours+, cos i left the office early and she was held up in a meeting.

mich, i want you to know im not the slightest bit angered or annoyed by the wait. dont have to feel bad about it ya? at least i got to see you and you, me. err, not that i have grown prettier or anything. *lol*

we had mos dinner, but i felt so sick and nauseated right after the meal.


and a tummyache all the way home till i shut my eyes to dreamland.