the stomach is growling!

must be all the food pictures that i am sorting and have YET to post it up. there’s something that i really really feel like sinking my teeth into. actually, i have been always wanting to sink my teeth on them again ever since i tried it.

really good yummy stuff.

Hmmm.. now what was this called? *knocks head* some thai tapioca dessert at the huge hawker centre opposite the tail end of bukit timah (opposite beauty world), level 2.

the tapioca is firm and chewy and its uber delicious! paired with a generous serving of sinful but fresh coconut milk and doused with a small amount of gula malaka, its heaven! i want to go eat it again soon! unfortunately, my office is now in the east and it’s too FAR away. maybe i should just date someone over the weekend to go have a bowl of this yummy stuff..

now, how can i sleep like that?!


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