7.45am. On normal days, i’ll be dashing into the bathroom and getting ready for the day. Today, i’m out and on my way to the train station.

Last night, i cried myself to bed with a million unanswered why. This morning, i woke, not feeling any better. I guess the flurry of the day will get me through and before i know it, i’ll be ok.

Decked in berms and slippers today, looked totally like a student on the morning train. It feels a little weird, to be amongst everyone else decked in office wear..

Suddenly, a job opportunity might be open right in my face. Good prospects and better pay. Potential travelling opportunities too! Am still thinking if i should go for it. Very tempting actually. Shall see how it goes.. Meanwhile.. Maybe i should beef up my resume first..

Now, swollen eyes shall rest for the rest of the journey.. It’s gonna be a long day.

[mobile post @ amk mrt station]