I’m not the politically savvy person and with the hype of the GE happening everyday (I hear the rally vehicles making their rounds).. I just cannot help it but tune in to the tidbits found on twitterverse/facebook/online and it helps that TODAY gives a rather comprehensive and up-to-date tweets about what’s happening at the rallies every night.

There’s just so much happening on the social media front for this GE as compared to the previous 2 elections I went through ever since I hit the legal age to vote (errm, am i giving my age away?!). I quite enjoy the funny bits of the rally speeches between the PAP and the various opposition parties and also the fantastic movie posters circulating around the net (not sure if you guys have seen it but it’s really well done – go check out mrbrown’s blog if you haven’t). somehow, the information circulating around everyday provide much insights for me, based on the topics that each party choose to bring up and rally about.

Some of them really makes me go.. Hur?! while some of them let me put on my thinking hat and goes..hmmmm..

Anyway, I digress. I am in the newly minted Nee soon GRC and it is contested by the worker’s party. That, I am quite sure. My dear friend, Bernice is also in the same area.. But guess what turned up in her house?

I don’t know about a GRC that has a 3-party fight in this GE. The only one that I know of is a single member constituency (its punggol east, if you wanna know).

And, errmm.. My point is, how to trust and and vote for the party that got it all wrong? They don’t even know the exact area that they are contesting in. And this, is like the biggest joke ever.

Except that it’s really not that funny. We are talking about future of the country, the well-being and quality of lives for the residents. How could ‘someone’ (or rather, some party) get it that wrong?

I leave it up to each reader to decide for itself. Anyway, it’s not affecting me since they are not contesting in my area anyway.

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