Murphy’s law – Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.

i want to give Murphy’s a big tight hug and tell him he’s damn right.

in the last 2 weeks, everything went wrong for me. my camera died. my ipod died. someone violated me and there was loads of frustrations at work. there were also times when i just felt like pulling our all my hair and scream. and yes, there is not much of sunshine in my life still..

but, someone recently told me. think of the happy things, they will get you through. so i have decided to count my blessings for a change.

1. i had a sumptuous buffet dinner at Shangri la on monday!

2. cliff brought me to watch Jack & the bean sprout which is a hilarious play!
3. i have very nice colleagues! some of whom are her and lynettepoh.
4. i was given extra recognition by the dnd committee chairman, that’s really some news!
5. i have a whole bunch of concerned friends who spent time with me going on dinner dates, chill out and gave me support.
6. i received a guess watch as a present!

7. i bought another 3 watches yesterday!!

4 new watches in a week? how blessed i am. and yeah, so i should be a happy girl, but my pocket is not very happy.

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