Yay! I got out of e office at 8pm sharp today! Am in a cab.. And i’m quite freaked out..

E driver’s steering is not very stable.. In e last 5 mins that i am in e cab, he adjusted his rear view mirror 4 times! His seat is pushed all e way in (super near to his steering wheel) and hesitates in his driving. This is what i call a danger driver! Hello, i drove wei’s car and never once i adjusted e mirror in e past year! I mean, you adjust it once and leave it as it is! In my case, i don’t need to adjust cos i can see perfectly with wei’s car settings. I don’t understand why he has to keep adjusting it non stop. Make me nervous man. Either he’s an unsure driver, or e mirror moves. Creepy…..

God, i think he never check his blind spots. On many accounts, he nearly brush e car beside when he changes lanes. I’m so thankful i’m shortening e car journey by going to wei’s house. We are going to have dinner!

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