after suffering for 1.5 weeks of constant coughing, sore throat and a bad cold. i finally decided to see the doc.

after a 2hrs wait and finishing a quarter of the book i brought along, i finally get to see the doc. doc gave me a day’s mc to rest. and the normal cough mixture, the cold tablets and something for my inflammed throat.

my head is hurting from too much coughing. and i feel so guilty staying at home. it’s the 5th MC of the month. i think im gonna lose my job soon.


i’m gonna work a bit on some images for work, and rest a while before popping out to meet unpolished_gem. gonna pass her my phone, some mini ziplocks before i zipped down to lavender to meet shuyu for dinner and to collect my passport.

it’s getting quite late. the days at home always seemed much shorter than in the office. wonder why. i need to get to work, or i wont be able to get outta house in time.