one 13 hour work day like today totally drained my energy and i ended up with a slight fever at the end of the day.

work’s been hectic. terrible week this is. not to mention that i also went on MC escalated the workload by tonnes.

deadlines. oh how i hate them.

on a random note, i think i am getting happier again. it’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? you hit the low, and it’s only a matter of time when u reach the high. i’m not really really ecstatic yet, but at least i feel much better. and that’s something for a start!

and i really appreciate it when effort is being put in. it puts a smile on my face, and that is something really sweet.

on a side note, i’ll be at jurong point the whole of tomorrow’s afternoon! beep me if you are in the area and pop by for some free food!

alrighty. i gotta pack my barangs now. camping out tonight.

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