Yesterday was one terribly draining work day. I stepped out of e office at 11pm (thereabout). It’s also a day where i lost my patience on things and almost screamed at one of the girls at the creative agency.

I simply cannot fathom why they cannot take simple instructions after briefing them so many times and made me wait 5hours after the stipulated deadline for their work to come in. After all the wait, the work wasn’t what i wanted., but they have gone home and i won’t be able to see the changes until today. My deadline’s 12pm. *screams* Anyway, that’s yesterday.

For once in a long long time, i was so knackered that i flopped in bed within 30mins of home coming.

This morning.. I stepped into the bathroom with thoughts of him, mainly triggered by his toothbrush that’s still sitting beside mine. It’s funny how for so many years i planned out how our future’s gonna be like, what we are going to do, and think of the wedding that we’ll like and yet, now it means naught.

And i am able to think of him now and not feel too much pain. That’s quite a consoling thought.

On the way out, there were some dogs barking at each other.. I stared at them and realised how much i have missed cookie. I wish i could hold him in my arms, ruffle his hair and pat his head. The dog that i named I guess i’ll never see cookie ever again.

Why is it so that sometimes, things may be near… But it’s never with your grasps? Or when it was within your grasps, it hurts so much you had to let go?

A melancholic note on a tuesday morning. What a start to a day of meetings and deadlines, and possibly, late nights again.

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