Eh, are you wondering why the sudden strange topic?  This blog post is part of a “Proposal Stories Blog Train” where 15 mummies will share their proposal stories on 15 different days.

So, it’s my turn today and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share because it was never documented on this blog. OMG, how did that happen right? How can I not document such a moment?! It’s true. It’s really not here.

So I will try very hard to recall the event that happened 7 years ago. The memories are vague, but it happened on my birthday weekend, or rather, the weekend before my birthday (falls on a monday that year).

I was so looking forward to the weekend, because it was going to be long weekend for me! I took leave, obviously. I don’t know when but I started the tradition of not working on my birthdays and I was so happy that my birthday weekend was here… except, I caught a bug and fell sick.

What a bummer. But, I have absolutely no clue what was in for me.

As soon as the clock strike midnight on friday evening, Der turned to me and asked me to play a game. A treasure hunt for my birthday present! Sounded fun, and I was so game for it, I even blogged about it real time (read here).

Treasure Hunt clues!

Treasure Hunt clues!

It started out like really fun, clues were in my place, then his place, the car, then my place again, then somewhere else (read: treasure hunt clues). It wasn’t really easy solving/finding those clues, between the different venues and as the time dragged on and fatigue sets in… I wanted to stop. I wasn’t really feeling well enough to continue the hunt where the last clue clearly indicated a venue that I’m required to drive to – Seletar Dam! I just wanted to head home to sleep! (I sure won’t know what would I have missed?!)

Der managed to convince me to take the car to drive out because in his own words, “I left the present there and what happens if it gets found by someone else and goes missing if we don’t go now?!”

Clad in my pjs (racer back top and fbt shorts), I arrived at Seletar Dam in spluttering cough and shivering from the strong winds, I didn’t know where to start searching. I tried to walk around a bit but the strong winds were a tad too much for me to bear. I was really feeling crappy and was near tears when Der gave in and told me to search his car instead.

I first found a bouquet of flowers in the car boot (no pictures, unfortunately). And then after flipping everything in the car, I found something in a secret compartment below the car seat.

This was what I found.

Birthday Present - Magnifying Glass.

My Birthday Present. Guess what it is?



What do I do with the magnifying glass?

What do I do with the magnifying glass?!

Actually, the moment I saw it.. I kinda screamed in incredulity, “OMG, why are you buying me a magnifying glass? Are you going to get me a real tiny diamond ring?!?!

Don’t ask me why that came out. It just did.

Der was thrown off by my statement of cos. He told me to calm down, and that it is a special magnifying glass, and I can see something different if I were to look through it. I did, thinking it might be some magic trick or hidden words somewhere…

All I saw was a diamond ring. Der holding it eagerly. I don’t know how he was able to flash it out so fast. I squealed in surprise.

And the typical story goes. Boy gets down on one knee. Boy ask girl to marry him. Girl agrees. End of story!

The proposal ring under a magnifying glass.

The proposal ring under a magnifying glass.

It wasn’t really a huge ring, and the magnifying glass was really to magnify the size of the diamond. But it was not the size of the diamond that mattered, it was the wit and fun that the girl is in love with. It was a simple proposal, yet, the venue was one of significance. It was a place where we used to hang out a lot while dating, chatting in the calm of the night, listening to water splashing on the rocks in the reservoir. Or on days when it was raining, we would sit in the car and listen to the pitter pattering of the rain, because rainy days are my favourite days. I love it when we do that and I miss it so much now.

And, yup! That’s the end of my proposal story! Hope you enjoyed reading it! You can read the first version of it on my wedding blog – derrielovestory.

Tomorrow, it will be Rachel’s turn to share about her proposal story on her blog (Growing Up with JahBella)

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