things at work have been quite encouraging. suddenly, i sense a change in my boss’ attitude towards me and i have not been the only one that observed this.

and so, things sorta changed during and after the launch of my pasta campaign. the campaign have been a great success thus far. it had wow-ed some management people and stirred quite a bit of write-ups and publicity. i am not too sure if it was due to the work that i have done or that some of my colleagues have been trying to put in a good word for me. with that touching speech she made at the dinner last friday, she also openly praised me in front of other departments(!).

and today, she actually encouraged me when i was supposed to crash into the ceo’s room to present a proposal. Because the 3 person on top of me in the company’s hierarchy is away. senior mgr and brand manager is on leave, and the senior exe is on MC.

it felt good. maybe things are really changing.

ok. time to hop home! i wanna play cake mania!

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