sunday was a super tiring day for me. having to sleep at 5+ the night before (cos of the mahjong game ar!), i literally stumbled around the house when i woke at 11am. was late for the cny gathering at jasmine’s house. rushed home to fetch mummy’s curry chicken that i promised to supply her with (they all love my mum’s curry chickie) in wei’s car, then sped to her house. hopefully i dont get a speeding ticket cos i nearly forgot abt the speed camera at yishun and slammed my brakes, err, a little too slow.

sigh. as if the speeding ticket and $150 fine last year wasnt enough to remind me. but then, i was so tired that i was driving without thinking/paying attention.

turns out, i was one of the earliest. even after i decided to pump petrol before crashing into jasmine’s hse. only frederick was there earlier than me and he was SNOOZING on the sofa! gosh! well, the rest of the gang got lost, and went on a 1/2 day yishun tour. despite meeting at 10.30am in the morning, they are still the latest. haha.

ok. here’s the people present in the house:
host – jasmine, george (of the jungle) and vanessa
guests – frederick, me, jean + 4 yr old son, winnie, karen, lisa, saras + 7 yr old daughter and kelvin (sidetrack = one of them is someone i immensely dislike!)

it’s been a long time since i last saw frederick. it’s kinda nice seeing an old fren and hearing he’s well. so sad that he had to leave so early! we gobbled up as much food as we could, lao yusheng after (cos the yu sheng sponsor was ultra LATE!) and the gambling den starts its operations.

in the midst of all those gambling, u can really see the true personality of the people there. *grins* not that it matters to me anymore, since im no longer in the co. george is super irritating cos he’s the banker and he keeps giving sneaking cards to me even tho i dont want, but also bcos of that, the game is hilarious at some point of time.

i didnt take a lot of pictures, not sure why. too tired i think, but here’s the few miserable pictures i took.

when everyone started leaving, jasmine came up to me and gave me this.

so sweet. the girls had it tailored to read “Cherie” as a farewell gift for me. was a little touched and that the ring fits (a little tight, but still ok). im gonna wear it very often cos it reminds me of the great pals that i have made there.