Enjoyment is sitting at an alfresco restaurant, under slow swirling fans, listening to sentimental hits, slowly reading your papers and watching the world go by. That’s what i’m doing… Except that i’m not really enjoying cos i’m here for work and i have to keep getting out of my seat and checking out the photoshoot.

But i think i like this kind of lifestyle. Slow paced, with nothing to worry about. Last night, i dreamt about him again. And his brother this time. Echoing the words he last told me when he called. It’s that considered a nightmare? I don’t know, but it’s sure disturbing to the mind and soul.

And then i think back.. It seems eons.. But it’s been only 11 days since i last saw him. Why do i feel like half the world has gone by in the last 10 days?

I think i’m beginning to accept reality as it is. I hope it just gets better! =)

i like watching the sky and the rain…..

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