some of you may have already seen it.. jerry is featured on! i would love to say me, but my picture isnt me. LOL. They happened to choose a really cute picture of Jerry and wenmei’s pishako friend, jasmine. I hope she’s not offended!

I didn’t see it until a week later because i wasn’t on the mailing list, but now i am! and i certainly didnt feel like a fashion blogger! HAHA. *suddenly feel conscious about wardrobe*

P.s. I was equally excited seeing Pris/Preston’s picture beside Jerry! seishouai got featured too!

and then, i got a twitter message from wendy wwenzz today, saying that she saw me on the latest LJ’s edm.

woooahhhh. i was featured alongside Debra olimomok which is my all-time favourite blog. i am very very flattered and honoured. definitely not expecting this at all.

Thank you,, tickled media and livejournal. thank you so much for the honour.

i just had to blog this down in this journal of memories.

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