(Yay! I recovered my blog from the hackers. Police investigations are still underway, updates on that soon.)

January 2018 has come and gone. It has been a really interesting month – Jerry starting primary school, the family having a new routine, the kids starting swimming classes, I stopped working (for now), my blog got hacked and Jerome turned 5 years old. Life has been… interesting.


But first, back to my primary one kid. It’s been a month, and I don’t quite know what to make out of it.

Each time I ask the kid how is school, his answer is always the same – “Like that lor”. When I probed further with questions like, “How is your teacher? Do you like her? Can you understand what is being taught in class? Do you know all your classmates? Do you have homework today? What did teacher teach? What did you eat in school today? Anything interesting happened in school?” etc… I always get the same reply – “Why do you want to know so much?” or “Why do you have so many questions?”.


He doesn’t quite want to share. So I didn’t push it.


But here’s some random notes:

Week 2 Day 4 (11 Jan) – Got a call from the PE teacher. Jerry fell down during PE lesson and bruised/grazed his knees. We did observed that he has been slipping and falling from wearing his brand new Nike shoes that we bought as his school shoes, so we went and bought a new pair from Reebok over the weekend. All is good after that. Yay to no more falls!

Week 3 Day 1 (15 Jan) – I got a call from the form teacher for some feedback. Woah. I haven’t expected feedback that early. Don’t know to laugh or cry. We spoke at length about it (it was a long list) and I found out that Jerry also got his ruler confiscated and returned a day after (but he lost it after that). Not sure if I am happy that my kid is labelled “untidy” honestly, just because his pants is too loose for him and causes his shirt to keep getting untucked.

Week 3 Day 4 (18 Jan) – Someone discovered something called the bookshop and came home with a plastic hourglass. He paid $0.50 for it. No more of such incidents for the rest of the month.The kid though, has improved significantly with counting money and spends within his limit everyday, and putting the rest into savings.

Week 4 – Someone has been losing his stationeries. The pencils mysteriously go missing (even though they are labelled with his name).


28 Jan – Kid lost his 3rd baby tooth… and subsequently discovered that “Tooth Fairy” is a fluke because I accidentally asked daddy if he knew where I kept his first baby tooth. Oops! For those of you who voted on my IG story on whether to pluck it out… he was hurting so much and kept coming to me… so I said, “Let me take a look…”. Proceed to shake the teeth a little to try and determine how loose it is…. and then the next thing I know.. the tooth was on the tissue I was holding. I SWEAR I didn’t pull at all!

31 Jan – Kid came home with 3/10 for his Chinese spelling. Apparently the teacher gave something that was out of the textbook? Not very sure. Am actually wondering if this might be a good thing, like a wake up call for Jerry since he is used to scoring well in spellings and probably, being over confident in many situations.

Every day all day – Chicken rice for lunch (except the first few days where he had mashed potato). I am not worried about this because chicken rice is his favourite. Despite eating it every day in school, he still asks for it over the weekends. He’ll grow out of it in time to come.

Everything else, went by in a blur. One thing for sure, I am no where turning into a tiger mum soon. Kid is doing ok for his english spelling lest careless mistakes like missing out a ‘s’ in words like “the dog barks“. As for Chinese… I am quite hopeless myself so it’s daddy role to teach. I’m taking it easy, but assessing if the current routine works actually. The kids get home at 9pm each evening and I barely have the time to interact with Jerry before he needs to pack his bag for the next day and head to bed by 9.30pm. Honestly, I kinda miss him.

The good thing is he will crawl into my bed each morning after he washes up for a minute or two, just to snuggle with me and wish me “good morning”. While it might be a bad habit (to laze in bed), I am relishing the quiet moments I have with him for now.

The kid also misses his old classmates a lot. Each weekend, he will ask if we can invite his friends over to the house or when is the next occasion we can do that. He texts his “girlfriend’s” mum regularly to ask after them, and send them selfies in return. Too cute. I need to arrange another meet up soon.

That’s all I have for now. I guess we are thriving somewhat. Or what I’ll like to think. Meanwhile, bring on February!