This whole pregnancy shit really throws me off sometimes., I didn’t feel like I am in control, especially of my body. I can’t help but feel vulnerable at times.

Like how I cannot control my sleeping pattern, I keep having interrupted sleep ad waking up in the middle of the night. Can’t control my stomach on when it decides to keep the food I take or make me throw up just moments after..

This morning is a typical example. I woke, tried to sleep and can’t.. Felt hungry so had a small bowl of kokocrunch, and just moments later when I lie down to rest and possibly nap before I have to wake and go work.. I had to jump outta bed and to the bowl and throw up everything that I just took.

Upon washing up, I discovered that I’m suffering from a nose bleed. Again.

Argh! Just when will my body be back to how it was before, at least predictable and normal? I dont like the feeling of being like a sick cat.

Totally BOO. and hello Monday blues.

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