the last weekend coupled with this hectic week is a little too much for my weak body. last night, by the time i got home from my class, i was so pooped that i konked out the moment i cleanse my face and applied moisturizer. at abt 10pm (according to my phone log), wei called. i spoke gibberish to him, and i have no idea what the conversation was all about. i only remembered a frustrated voice and “aiyah, you go sleep lah!”.

that’s it. was blinded in a black maze until a couple of hours later when i woke from the awkward position and bright lights. managed to stagger around the room, switched the lights and plonked right back into dreamland.

i actually woke this morning, before the alarm rang to wake me. its been a long, long time ever since that happened! but guess what? i went back to sleep, snoozed the alarm when it rang later and didnt wake till 7.45pm.

11 hours. what a pig i was. yet, i was yawning the whole time today and feeling damn hungry cos i didnt take dinner the night before, nothing for breakfast today and lunch was a miserable nonya dumpling.

it’s finally the techmex gathering tonight. havent seen some of the guys since i left the co in 2001. it was nice meeting up, chit chatting, catching up with each other lives and me busy stuffing myself silly with the food cos i was so darn famished! i didnt want to look greedy, but i think i almost fainted from hunger.

when i fished my cammie out for photos.. horrors!! the words, “no memory stick” kept blinking at me and gosh! i was super uber upset can?! all this anticipating of seeing them and no pictures! was so angry with myself that i left the card on the table during my last download. thank god for sally, which fished her cammie out and saved my day. still, i wasnt too pleased abt my forgetfulness. sigh.

no pictures for now, since i’m waiting for sally to send me the pictures. there were loads i wanted to mention, but my mind’s so blank and my eyes are shutting. i gotta go… and i cant bear to think of the even more hectic week ahead.

sat morn – work
sat noon – lunch gathering with lj gang and karaoke session into the evening
sat nite – dinner with eric and gang to celebrate his belated bdae
sun morn – rushing home to take curry chicken
sun noon – heading to jasmine house for cny visiting
sun nite – dinner with sy, pei, ivy, wj and “spouses”
mon – last day of work
mon nite – class
tue noon – lunch appt with pei
tue nite – valentine’s day with wei
wed noon – lunch with michie at purvis st.
wed nite – the only time im left to pack
thu noon – lunch @ beach road with sy
thu nite – class
fri dawn – gotta fly

if only i have more time.