(ok, i changed my mind. it’s not so good news anymore cos i just lost my entry after typing it for like AN HOUR! Hurmph! and the tooopid autosave draft have to save itself the moment its gone, so the restore is also blank. *SCREAMS*)

(takes a deep breath)

Grrrrr… (still)

(desperately trying to recall what i wrote)

despite having a somewhat rushed day, i am thrilled to announce it went quite well.

the doc visit has been good. though i was in pain and agony when the doc exerted a lot of force against my knee to make it straight. the bandage’s is off and the big scissors that was used to cut it apart intimidated me a little. the wounds are healing very well for the fact that it’s been only a week. he cut out 2 little single stitch on the smaller wounds and now, i have 2 little + signs and a rectangular plaster (for a 3cm wound). it looks like a face of a tattered doll (think mr bean’s bear).

and guess what?

the doc took away my crutches, told to me stand up and WALK! *faints* i didnt dare to try despite his numerous prompting, even when he held my hand and reassured me. i am so chicken. can?!?! the fear of pain is flashing at the back of my mind and i really really, was scared. all i did was shuffle my feet across the floor. *guilty look*

oh. i think i am in love with my orthopaedic. he’s so kind hearted, caring, warm, humourous, reassuring and totally makes me comfortable and at ease. i have seen my fair share of doctors and he is one of the best i met! ok, the first doc that made me felt that way was my GP and i havent stopped going to him since i started. and he’s the one who recommended this lovely ortho doc to me.

and.. and.. the ortho’s way younger, and has an loud infectious laughter that makes you totally relax. it can be heard resounding off the walls even if you are outside. besides, he’s quite good looking, taller, more gentlemanly…*yums*

(slaps myself back to reality)

oh. what was i saying? ooh. doc’s appointment. popped by the rehabilitation centre to book an appointment for physiotherapy tomorrow, and zipped off to CP for the interview.

i made some boos boos at the interview, dropping my crutches, looking a terrible sight trying to manage my bag, take my resume and maneuver around. turns out, i love the interviewers. they were pretty ladies that were extremely pleasant to look at. 🙂 the benefits of the co is a major plus point!! i hope i get selected for the 2nd round of interview.

and so, what’s the good news u ask?

back at home, i did a little bit of cycling (doc’s instructions) and found that peasy easy. feeling bold, i dumped my crutches and started making small steps.


i walked! even though it really small steps, i look like a wading duck with flailing arms, i walk funny, i cant straighten my knee but it doesnt matter! because i walked without my crutches, or any help!

*limps with joy* (ouch ouch!)

and for those who might be interested in my ugly looking knee…