while this has been a tiring week, little joys in life sure do help to perk the day up. the boy surprised me on monday morning when he left a note in my bathroom mirror..

it sure started my monday on a very sweet note.

never mind that the message has grammatical errors. haha. the specky pig that he drew was so hilarious.

baby, thank you for being so sweet and endearing. and thanks for offering to drive me to work (although it didn’t materialise). it’s really the thought that counts! am missing you now. wished i could fly to europe now!

and when i got into office, mr bean was waiting on my desk! so cute!

and the first thing that i did was to put down my stuff and open up the pack and work on the “handiwork”. didn’t even bother to switch on my computer till i was done. haha.

now, i got a car on my desk.. i can Vrrroooom everywhere with mr. bean! it’s really a pick-me-up gift. thanks cindy!

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