i think eating gives me the most pleasure and happiness.. i eat nice food and i instantly cheer up even when i’m in a foul mood.. errrm, i just have to blame my fats on the greediness because i very often over-eat.

der needs to learn this (GOOD FOOD PERKS ME UP!) and be acquainted with all the nice tasting food. it’ll be his best friend and tool to keep me happy!

not that he doesn’t know it already, but it so happens that i’m more a gourmet lover than he is..

anyway, in the same fashion.. bad food really turn me off.

like how the hungry me discovered this in my food yesterday and totally lost appetite for lunch and i had to buy a lot of snacks to make up to my hungry stomach.

i was so grossed out, i left the entire bowl untouched. and no, i didnt approach the hawker to demand for another bowl (god knows what he’ll put in again). i also refused to go buy something else to eat because my appetite is lost and i don’t want to waste more money knowing that i wont enjoy the food.

and you know what? i feel so bleahz thinking about it now.. eeks!

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