not literally, as in clothes’ color but as in location GREEN.

i just hate the JAM. morning jam, lunch time jam and i am quite sure that the evening is going to be JAMMED as well. I cannot believe i spent 20 mins trying to turn into the office from the main road. walking would have been MUCH faster.

i spent the morning easing myself in.. got 1/2 box more of stuff and my colleague accidentally threw away my favourite mouse pad (i shared a box with her) into the bin. when i went around asking her if she has seen it (after my long morning meeting), she say she threw it away thinking it was some junk she accumulated in the box.


it’s those super thin mouse pad that super nice to use that stayed with me since the pizza days. oh wells.

time for a new one, i guess. i’m just concerned because its not the easiest mousepad to buy.

my table’s still a little messy with a stack of papers sprawled all over (no time for filling yet), the lan line’s not working and except for looking a little messy, i guess i’m more or less settled in.

now, how to i get to work using public transport? i drove today but it’s expensive with that ERP, parking and the horrendous jam.


here’s a picture of my desk taken just a minute ago..

am so not used to the “open” concept (and hence, the noisy environment..)

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