this morning, i jumped out of bed much later than i expected to and was late in meeting the mummies for our scheduled date. the 2 kiddos slept really late last night and the little one was suffering from congested airway from the cold and cough, so i had a rough night. poor bub. i hope.he gets better soon. anyway, i still went to join the mummies and the throng of people at the kids bazaar sale.

the mummies were queuing up before 10am and they sent me this!

doesnt these people need to work? so by the time i got there (about 11am).. it was really packed and i could barely make my way around. thankfully there wasnt a need to queue anymore so i just checked out whatever i could. and grabbed.

a picture of the crowd slightly before i arrived.

there were a total of 4 of us, so we tagged team to look around. 1 of us queued, 1-2 watched the loot and help baby sit my jerry, who was sitting on top of the toys, looking like he's for sale while the rest shopped. the sale was quite a madness in the morning and i could barely walk so i didnt really shop in detail. still, i grabbed a elc toddler kitchen set for $80+, some educational toy for $5 each and some seat with wheels thingy (oh! its called a whirlee!) and some clothes from baby 'r' us section (70% off). the sale is also divided up into a few sections – elc, growing fun, stride rite, fox/poney and toy 'r' us, with each spotting their own cashier and queues so you do have to queue quite a fair bit. elc queue is the longest the entire morning, and the stuff are grabbed up really fast so i would really recommend go for the squeeze in the mornings. when we were still around in the afternoon, the sale area was clear with only a few people shopping, but the elc section is also pretty much cleared out. they replenish the stocks in the morning so im sure there'll be more stuff everyday.

we hung around for lunch and i also managed to bag an airfryer @ $269 from mega discount store for my mil because it was right infront of me. i also spotted them selling happy call pans while i was paying, retailing at $69, $75 and $79 for the different sizes. seemed quite cheap, but then again.. i really dont quite know the rates or how to check for authenticity.

der was really sweet to offer to pick up the stuff from me when i whatsapp him this picture.

i had meant to prank him that i bought all that, but actually, it was the combined purchases of us 4 but he was really nice to pick up my stuff and his mum's airfryer home so that i could continue hanging out with the girls and shop some more!

i really think its much easier shopping with a group of friends because we shortened the time for everything. i gotta admit i didnt do much today either because i was late.. so thank you girls!

here's the details of the sale if you are keen!
kids bazaar sale
25-28 april @ b1 atrium, united square.
opens at 10.30am

have fun buying!

p.s. growing fun discounts at the atrium is also available in the shop at level 2 so you dont have to squeeze at the atrium. members also enjoy a higher tier discounts.

p.p.s. do try NOT to bring along a stroller to the sale if you can help it. the aisles are all really tight and not stroller friendly at all. if you do bring a stroller, i would recommend parking the stroller and carrying your baby while you shop. its easier and i'm sure everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness in making more space for everyone.

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